How to Recycle and Reuse Old Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are useful yet straightforward kitchen equipment. Most chopping boards are rectangular and offer a wide surface area for preparing ingredients for your meal. Most cutting boards are made of either wood or plastic.

Unquestionably, there is nothing fancy about a cutting board. So, it can be challenging to think of reusing or recycling an old chopping board. Once your chopping board gets worn out, the first thing you can think of is to get rid of it.

Nevertheless, there are several techniques you can incorporate that can help you reuse and recycle your old chopping boards. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about spending extra few coins on buying a new chopping board.

Ways of recycling your old cutting boards

In this article, we discuss how you can recycle and reuse an old chopping board.

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Transform your old chopping board into a chalkboard

Have you ever thought of using your old chopping board as a chalkboard? You don’t have to throw an old kitchen cutting board. Instead, hang it on the wall and let it act as the ideal place where you write your to-do lists or your food stock available.

This way, you can keep track of all the items you have in the kitchen. All you have to do is buy a suitable marker and eraser to write on the board. But always ask your manufacturer about the best marker that can work with your type of cutting board.

Use an old cutting board as your clipboard

The wood in the chopping board is always used for making clipboards. So, rather than throwing your old chopping board, you would instead use it as your clipboard.

All you have to do is place a clip on the top side of your chopping board using a screw. Then, you can design it however you want.

Switch up your old cutting board into a decorative home element

You can also use your old cutting board as a decorative element on your kitchen walls. Place distinctive decorations or writing on your chopping board as you hang them on the wall. In fact, you can have a corner exclusively for old chopping boards.

You’d get surprised at the aesthetics that they have to offer. All you have to do is be creative. Transform your old cutting boards into a kitchen centerpiece.

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Creative kitchen signs, home signs, and motivational quotes from an old cutting board

Homeowners can use old chopping boards to create home signs and inscribe various messages on the boards, either instructions or inspirational messages.

For example, you can cut out your old chopping board and inscribe it with the letters “remove your shoes” or something like “no phones on the dining table.”

Then, you can place it either at the entrance of your kitchen door or the living room door. Not only will this create an aesthetic feature in your home, but it also help in creating order in your home.

Signboards create awareness. Thus, whenever you have guests, they will know what to do while in your house. Also, you can create a signboard for your bathroom area with an old chopping board. It all depends on your needs. Find the best way to utilize your chopping board in a signboard.

Aside from using old chopping boards to create home signs, you can use them to create motivational quotes. Take an old piece of chopping board and write your favorite life quote on it.

Then, place it on the kitchen counter or hang it on your kitchen wall. As a result, you boost your home’s aesthetics and maintain a positive lifestyle.

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Create the perfect birthday and wedding gift from an old cutting board

Gifting your loved ones can be challenging. But your old chopping board can come to the rescue. If you have an old chopping board, you can improvise and personalize it into a thoughtful gift.

If you can’t do this by yourself, ask a professional to create a beautiful art piece from the rusty cutting board so that you end up with something aesthetically appealing.

The best thing about creating a gift from your cutting board is that you can personalize it to meet all your requirements. Also, the fact that you put in time to think of an appropriate gift and to create the gift may mean more to some people than just purchasing a ready-made gift.

Paint the old chopping board and reuse it

If you feel that your chopping board is old and rusty, consider revamping it. You can cut it into a unique design or shape to make it more appealing.

Additionally, you can do a wonderful painting on top of the chopping board. Consequently, your chopping board won’t appear dull anymore. You can use it for another few months, even if not as a cutting board, but for other purposes like holding your hot pots.

Also, a painted cutting board won’t destroy your kitchen’s aesthetics. For a classic look, go for an artistic painting that complements your home décor. However, you need to be careful with a repainted cutting board to ensure that whatever paint you use does not get to the food you are cutting.

If you are not sure of the safety of the paint you wish to use to revamp your old chopping board, you may be better of just sanding the wooden board or planing the wooden cutting board.

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Keep your children engaged during the summer holidays with an old cutting board

You can use old wooden cutting boards to keep your kids occupied during the summer holidays. What you have to do is hang the old chopping boards on the wall of your child’s room. Here, your children write and draw anything they’d like.

Consider decorating such cutting boards with a ribbon. Also, paint the board using your child’s favourite colours. In turn, your child will get attracted to the cutting board.

You can also allow your children to use the cutting board to play their own games, sand it to smoothen it and paint it as they like.

Colorful wall hangings from a rusty chopping board

Indisputably, you can make a colorful wall hanging with your old chopping board. Look for a professional painter who can create the perfect painting that matches your interior decor. Then, you can hang the painting in any room in your house.

Use your old chopping board to store bread

You can also reuse old cutting boards for storage and use them as your breadboard shelf. All you have to do is simply fix the old cutting board to one of your kitchen rods or shelves.

You can tighten the board to the rod using a screw. In turn, this acts as your bread storage space. Not to mention, it makes you reach your bread easily.


There are so many ways of recycling and reusing your old chopping boards at this moment in time. As a result, do not be quick to discard that rusty chopping board lying on your kitchen counter or shelves.

You can transform it into a clipboard, home decoration, or breadboard shelf. Besides, you can always reuse your chopping board. All you have to do is to customize it and make it look better in appearance.

You can smoothen it by sanding or planing to make it look new again, paint it or cut it out to fit a classic and unique design. Ultimately, it would be best to extend your chopping board’s lifespan and save a few coins.