How to Store Kitchen Appliances to Save Space in your Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen neat and organized is just as important as preparing a mouthwatering meal for your family. Although it may seem like a tedious task, do your best to keep your kitchen neat.

One of the ways you can do this is by storing your kitchen appliances correctly. If you have a small kitchen space, you need not worry.

General kitchen appliance storage tips

When organizing the kitchen, ensure that you know which appliances you regularly use and when you usually use them. Regularly used items must be kept within easy reach.

On the other hand, you should put those items you use on special events in your house, such as large utensils and appliances used when you have many guests, above your kitchen cabinets or on the upper shelves since you will not need them daily.

Additionally, you can keep the ones you don’t often use in the attic or garage. You can also store the appliances in a storage cupboard if you have one.

Ensure you keep items that you regularly in easy-to-reach areas. For example, if you like baking, it will be convenient to put broiling pans, measuring cups, mixing bowls and other appliances you require for baking on the upper or lower shelves.

In addition, it is essential that you group items that go together. This saves you time and adds convenience since you do not have to cover all four corners of your kitchen to reach items that you need for one cooking task like baking. Make sure that cooking appliances such as spoons, pans, stove, pot holders, and pots have their storage space.

Luckily, there are numerous techniques for storing kitchen appliances that help you save space in your kitchen. Nonetheless, regardless of the storage space, you have to ensure that your kitchen appliances are safe to maximize their efficiency.

Proper storage of your appliances will also ensure your kitchen looks neat and clutter free. An organized and clutter free kitchen saves you time, adds convenience and also prevents commonly occurring kitchen hazards since you will not have items falling over as you try to access the appliances that you need.

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Kitchen appliance storage tips

In this article, we discuss some of the ways you can store your kitchen appliances to ensure a user friendly and clutter free kitchen.

Cabinet and shelf space

For small kitchen appliances, consider using the small cabinet and shelf space. Some of the appliances that can get stored here are blenders and heaters. A narrow shelf space that cannot fit your kitchen plates is ideal for keeping small kitchen appliances.

Use the area under the kitchen counter

Consider storing your kitchen appliances beneath your kitchen counter. Doing this enables you to save on space and access your kitchen appliances without difficulty. Children and older adults will also find it easy to access kitchen appliances that get kept beneath the kitchen counter.

Most kitchen counters have cabinet space underneath them, so this should work perfectly for you. This space is fairly large and can fit fairly large appliances, depending on how you choose to partition it.

Sliding cabinets and shelves

One great way to safely store your kitchen appliances is by installing sliding cabinets. Such spaces make it easy for you to access your kitchen devices as well as save on space. Often, slide-out cabinets are vertical; thus, they protect the appliance from falling and damage. One of the kitchen devices you can store in a slide-out cabinet is a toaster.

Consider using tucked-away toasters

As a homeowner, you must have a tucked-away toaster. Tucked away toaster is the ideal place to store all the kitchen devices that you rarely use. This place offers safety and accessibility.

Replace your seats with bar stools to create space under your kitchen island

Another place to store your kitchen equipment is beneath the kitchen island. You can always find some unused space under the kitchen island suitable for holding several kitchen appliances. But ensure that you avoid using chairs for the kitchen island if you intend to use it as a storage space.

You can place standard stools instead of chairs. Alternatively, you can place portable chairs alongside the kitchen island. You’ll be able to fold them whenever they are not in use. Consequently, you will be able to access the kitchen devices more easily.

Construct a kitchen shelf

Rather than placing your kitchen appliances at the top of your fridge, you would instead install a simple DIY shelf for storage.

All you have to do is have the necessary materials required for DIY shelf construction. Then you can proceed with screwing the shelves on your kitchen walls. Place the shelf a bit higher from the kitchen counter. But you have to make sure they are accessible.

Additionally, construct strong shelves that can hold your kitchen appliances. You undoubtedly don’t want your kitchen appliances to fall and get damaged.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how much weight DIY kitchen shelves can carry. In short, they’ll go a long way in helping you save on kitchen space.

Use a lift for your stand mixer

The majority of homeowners use their stand mixers regularly. Thus, it would be best if they consider installing a lift for the mixer. This is a feature that gets placed on your kitchen shelf or drawer that is beneath the kitchen counter. Lifts offer excellent accessibility for regularly used appliances. So, if you have a stand mixer, consider installing a lift. Consequently, you will be able to save on counter space.

Use your chopping board as storage space

Have you ever thought of your cutting board as a storage space? Well, if you’d like to save on your kitchen space, consider using it to store your toaster or coffee maker or any other kitchen appliance that can fit.

So, whenever you place your toaster, you can place the chopping board under it. Doing this helps you save on kitchen space and supports the toaster, and prevents it from falling. Depending on the size of your chopping board, you can store more than two appliances in it.

Place your slow cooker on lower shelves

Avoid storing some of your kitchen appliances in the open, especially if they don’t complement your kitchen décor. One of the kitchen devices that you should not store on your kitchen counter or top open shelf is a slow cooker as it occupies a substantial amount of space.

Instead, consider keeping the slow cooker on a sideboard or low kitchen cabinet underneath the counter. Make sure it is accessible.

Buy or construct a kitchen cart

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Make fair use of carts to help you save on storage space. If you know, you can construct one for yourself. Alternatively, hire a professional to construct it fr you. Here you can store more than half of your kitchen devices.

Several homeowners purchase ready-made carts. But here’s the thing. Buying a ready-made kitchen cart can limit your storage options. Well, unless you know the exact measurements of your kitchen appliances.

Also, use the space above the kitchen cart to store some of your large kitchen appliances. Then you can use the lower part to keep some of the small kitchen devices. Kitchen carts offer safety and excellent accessibility. Not to mention, they are affordable; you can find them for as low as $30 on Amazon.

Utilize the space available on your plant stand

Have you ever thought of your floor space? In most instances, we exhaust the space in our cabinets and counter. If you get to this point, consider storing some of your kitchen devices on your plant stand. Come on. We all know that your plant stand has extra space. So, it could help you store one or two kitchen devices.

The bottom line

Today, there is a wide range of techniques you can use to store your kitchen appliances. So, it would be best if you make fair use of them. But always ensure your kitchen devices are in good shape at all times.

Also, always get rid of the devices that you don’t use anymore. Doing this helps you create more space for your kitchen appliances.