Best Automatic Soap Dispensers Product Review

Regular washing of hands is a practice that is encouraged as one way of preventing the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria.

Nowadays, technology has brought automatic soap dispensers thus doing away with the need to wash hands using bar soap.


Using bar soaps for hand washing can be messy and can cause the spread of germs due to the heavy contact with the soap during the washing process.

The best automatic soap dispensers are versatile and user friendly; they make use of motion sensors for dispensing a specific amount of soap. You can use these units in the washing, bathroom or kitchen area.

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With these soap dispensers, all you need to do is slide your hand beneath and the dispenser will pour out an adequate amount of liquid hand washing soap on your hands.

There is no need to press or tinker with the dispenser, it does all the work as soon as it senses your hands.

But shopping for the best automatic dispensers isn’t a simple task since there’s a wide array of models to choose from.

The best automatic soap dispensers are now popular in most homes and commercial areas.

These units will not only help in preventing germs contamination from one person to another but will also help in minimizing the wastage of soap.

In the usual blog style of doing first things first, we will dive straight into a product review of the best automatic soap dispensers available in the market today.

Later, the article will provide additional information like the types of soap dispensers, benefits of automatic soap dispensers and features you should look out for when purchasing the best automatic / touchless / no touch soap dispensers.

Product Review of the Best Automatic Soap Dispensers

  1. Secura 17oz / 500ml Premium Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

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This product features a classy design and top-quality chrome finish to match your kitchen decor. It is a battery-operated automatic soap dispensing unit.

Secura soap dispenser has a special infrared sensor, which helps in detecting your hand at a distance. Also, to dispense the correct amount of soap, simply adjust the volume control dial.

This unit has a 17oz / 500ml capacity container that means you will get over 700 hand washes. Furthermore, it features well-calibrated control buttons that are user-friendly.

The dispenser is popular in commercial offices, homes, and restaurants. It will use warm, soapy water to clean easily.


  • 17 oz. capacity container
  • It will last than most other products
  • It will dispense just the correct quantity of soap
  • Countertop or wall mount placement
  • Beautiful and classy top quality black and chrome finish


  • You don’t have to pump
  • Backed by one-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Simple to refill
  • Adjustable liquid dispensing
  • Durable
  • Minimizes wastage of soap
  • No-touch operation
  • It will dispense soap in 0.5 secs.
  • Portable, classy and beautiful


  • The battery slot only opens with a screwdriver
  • The sensor is not very reliable, not consistent in soap delivery
  • Amount of soap dispensed per operation may not be sufficient
  • Risk of soap leakage

  1. ELECHOK Soap Dispenser, Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser [Newest Version]

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Think about changing the way you take a bath, wash your hands, or wash your dishes by installing this product.

The ELECHOK Soap Dispenser, Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser is very modern and makes use of infrared technology.

This product has a classy design that will fit any decor, which includes the kitchen and bathroom. Moreover, the unit can automatically detect your hand. This makes it simple for you and your loved ones to clean up the hands.

Additionally, the ELECHOK Soap Dispenser can help you save your money and time thanks to the big capacity. This means you do not need to keep refilling it regularly. This soap dispenser uses 4 AAA cells, which makes it portable.

It also has an adjustable volume setting that lets it deliver the needed quantity of soap to prevent wastage of soap.

This unit lasts for years, because of the hard-wearing stainless steel construction. The soap dispenser comes with a hear-wearing IP-rated base, which helps to protect the cells against water.

The container is rust-free, which guarantees durability. You can use it in commercial and residential surroundings.


  • It’s compatible with different liquids, which include sanitizer and hand soap
  • Comes with a 3 A class waterproof and leak-proof technology. This will help in preventing rusting of the circuit board
  • Features automatic induction liquid passage. This allows you to control the amount of soap by just moving the hands
  • Has an accurate infrared motion and integrated PIR sensor detection


  • Eco-friendly and top-quality plastic
  • Enhanced rust protection for long-lasting battery life
  • You don’t have to set the output
  • Does not waste soap; no trailing or dripping
  • Automatic and touchless
  • Has a 12-month warranty and ninety days refund guarantee
  • Simple to install
  • Beautiful steel finish


  • You have to replace the batteries regularly
  • The leak and water resistance on base not very effective, so keep on dry surface
  • Soap or water can access battery compartment leading to risk of rusting
  • Not very economical with amount of soap dispensed

  1. Umbra Otto Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser for Kitchen or Bathroom

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Umbra Otto Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser is a modern yet classy product for daily usage. It has chrome accents and a high-gloss finish, which blend easily with any kitchen or bathroom décor.

It is a great device that makes use of automatic sensor technology. The unit can dispense a fixed quantity of soap to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Umbra Otto Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser will work with liquid hand soap or hand sanitizer, whichever suits you. The front side allows you to easily see the level of liquids.

This unit also helps to lower energy expenses. The Umbra Otto Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser will work on 4 AAA batteries with adequate liquid to help keep it functioning for months.

Best of all, this dispenser features 177 ml capacity that will minimize regular refilling. You can get this product in 4 hues, which include nickel, black, white and red.


  • Comes with a waterproof base so you do not need to worry about damage by water
  • You can adjust volume buttons
  • It is lightweight
  • It will dispense the correct amount of soap automatically
  • There’s less soap wastage when pumping
  • It will load the soap from the top, which helps to eliminate the tiring work of having to refill
  • Good looks, multiple colors to choose from


  • The plastics components aren’t durable, limited product life
  • The soap pump is not very reliable and does not always pump soap
  • The sensors are also not efficient
  • Amount of soap dispensed in one discharge cycle may not be enough

  1. Simplehuman 8 oz. Sensor Soap Pump, Brushed Nickel

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Simplehuman Sensor Soap Pump comes with an elegant and sleek design. This helps make it the best choice if you want a good place to store your liquid soap.

This product is created with top quality poly-carbonate and will fit on any room decor.

Unlike other models of soap dispensers, Simplehuman uses an automatic dispensing mechanism. This helps to make sure that no smudges or germs get left behind.

Aside from that, this product comes with a silicone valve that will help in preventing those untidy trickles.

To adjust soap flow, just press the top buttons. For constant dispensing, it reduces backflow while reducing forward flow.

You can place the Simplehuman Sensor Soap Pump on kitchen countertops and sinks.


  • Advanced sensors will help in ensuring high-speed precision and activation
  • Has intuitive control buttons, which help in make adjusting volume simple
  • The broad mouth will make refilling quick, simple and free from spills
  • This unit helps to dispense in less than a second


  • Has a two-year warranty
  • Features a clear chamber, which lets you see the level of soap
  • Comes with initiative LED lights


  • The cells do not function well under low voltage
  • High consumption of batteries, short battery life

  1. Simpleone Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser, Liquid Soap or Sanitizer (Silver)

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Simpleone Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser brags a simple overall function. Because of its smart windowed slot, you can easily see the left-over liquid soap level to know when to replenish the liquid soap.

This will help you know when it needs refilling without dismantling the entire unit. When you have to refill, the broad opening will make sure you have an easy time using it or that you do not spill soap all over your counter.

This product comes with plastic for extra durability, which prevents breakages even if you unintentionally topple it from time to time.

Additionally, for power, Simpleone Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser depends on four AAA batteries, which are supposed to last about 12 months.

This product makes use of motion sensor technology for detecting when your hand is beneath it. This will allow it to automatically pump the correct quantity of soap for use.

Moreover, to make sure your new purchase is covered and secure in the event any defects occur, the unit has one a one-year warranty.


  • Modern design
  • 100 percent money back guarantee
  • Select your preferred liquid soap
  • Simple installation, using and refilling


  • Stunning outlook
  • Hands-free dispenser
  • Easy refilling thanks to the wide opening
  • It will dispense sanitizer and soap
  • It can last up to 12 months with four AAA batteries
  • You can see the amount of soap left thanks to windowed slots
  • The design is power-efficient


  • It has no feature to adjust the amount of soap it dispenses
  • It dispenses too much soap for lighter liquid soaps hence not economical
  • It will only function well with gluey soaps
  • Sensor can be too sensitive and will dispense soap upon trigger
  • Size is somewhat big for smaller surfaces or small sinks

  1. LAOPAO Soap Dispenser, Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser 240ml (White)

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LAOPAO Soap Dispenser is perfect for installation in kitchens or bathrooms. It features an open battery cover and uses 3 AA alkaline batteries.

All you need to do is tear the cap label and take out the silicone plug. After that, load your foam soap from bottom to top.

To switch it on, you should press the power button on the back of this dispenser. When you switch it on, the indicator light flashes once. When turned off, it turns red.

To switch from high foam modes and low foam modes, you should press the power button for three seconds.

You should use a ratio of 1:4 sanitizer and water to dilute the hand sanitizer. Make sure you remove the battery to prevent liquid leakage and moisture if you aren’t using it.

You should also remove the sanitizer and rinse for ten to twenty seconds. This will help prevent clogging caused by the sanitizer drying up in the unit’s pipe.

To avoid short circuits, never rinse or immerse this product in water. Also, do not tilt the tank when replacing or installing sanitizer. Don’t use your hands to block the foam outlet.


  • The LAOPAO Soap Dispenser provides for low foam and high foam modes
  • It comes with a capacity of 240ml with check volume, visible volume.
  • It will dispense foam immediately by a wave thanks to highly accurate sensor design with high-speed activation
  • It is fast to install and refill safely. To refill, simply remove the soap tank from the bottom. You do not need to worry about the damage caused by liquid leaking into the unit via the button.
  • One button for simple operation. You simply press it to switch on/off. To select low/high speed, just press the button for three seconds.


  • Adequately sensitive sensor that dispenses enough foam
  • Smiley face makes the product interesting for kids
  • The smiley face blinks after dispensing soap to guide you on how long to rub your hands
  • Can adjust amount of foam to dispense from low to high


  • Advertised to work best with foam; need to dilute other liquid soaps for best results
  • Removable compartments like the base and soap do not easily snap into place, especially when filled with soap

  1. Speakman SFS-8000 Automatic Soap Dispenser, Polished Chrome

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The Speakman SFS-8000 comes with a low arc, modern spout that has superior front-facing sensors close to its base. This automatic soap dispenser is powered by an option of either AC or batteries.

It also has an internal switch, which allows an option of using as a foam soap dispenser or refilling with liquid hand soap. Included is a bottle that you can refill with 2000ml liquid hand soap.

With a corrosion-resistant, low lead brass construction and durable finish, Speakman SFS-8000 is made for longevity, offering many years of trouble-free and hygienic service.


  • This classic soap dispenser offers bathrooms a complete and stylish look.
  • Its low lead brass construction often makes this unit reliable over time. It also comes with a rust-resistant polished chrome finishing.
  • Its bathroom sink functionality features a 1-second soap flow. You can switch between liquid hand soap and foaming.
  • This hands-free soap dispenser features a modern and sleek design and hygienic dispensing procedure, with a laser sensor eye that’s AC or battery powered.


  • It gives you the option of using foam or liquid soap
  • Has a corrosion resistant sleek chrome finish
  • Works with both batteries and electricity
  • It is compatible with certain faucets


  • It is pricey compared to other soap dispensing solutions

Types of soap dispensers

There are various types of soap dispensers:

  1. Mode of operation – This could be manual or automatic/touchless. Automatic and touchless soap dispensers have sensors that help in triggering the unit to dispense soap. Manual types will either feature a push-button or pedal for discharging the liquid soap. Pump dispensers fall in the category of manual soap dispensers.
  2. Power source – This could be battery operated or electricity powered dispensers. The battered powered ones could be powered by ordinary batteries or rechargeable ones.
  3. Liquid soap or foam soap dispensers – Some soap dispensers can work with both liquid soap and foam while others specify that they can only work with one or the other form of soap. Some soap dispensers will require the liquid soap to be of a certain viscosity and may work better with thicker or more fluid soap.

Basic considerations when purchasing a wall mounted hands-free soap dispenser

Consider the following basic considerations before you buy the best automatic soap dispensers (more detailed information on factors to consider before purchasing an automatic soap dispenser will be provided after the product review).

  • Take into consideration its design in terms of manual, touchless and indication.
  • Its set up should be simple, without lots of difficulties.
  • Check out the holding capacity based on whether you would like to utilize it in the kitchen or bathroom.

There are lots of reviews for automatic soap dispensers online. These reviews will help you get a good idea of what you want in a soap dispenser.

Reasons why the best automatic soap dispensers have modern mechanisms
  • The hygienic role of these soap dispensers is only achieved if no one touches the unit before or after washing their hands.
  • Previous touchless hand dispensers were too sensitive and would pour soap unnecessarily thus resulting in a dirty pump and sink. The more modern dispensers are equipped have silicone valves that prevent touches and spills.
  • For design, the best automatic soap dispensers have a friendly or modern look. You can these products with the whole sink or faucet.
  • The dispensers are kid-friendly! They help kids learn about washing their hands properly while they enjoy the soap dispensing automatically.
  • The modern automatic hand wash dispenser is generally easy to set up and use. Additionally, you clean these units according to the instructions for washing without them getting damaged.
  • These units will help you make savings and are environment-friendly. The batteries are either long-lasting or rechargeable. It also helps to save on soap as it discharges just the right amount of soap, thus reducing on wastage.
  • Automatic soap dispensers are usually designed to help reduce hassle. If they are well used or aren’t regularly used, you will not have random spills.
  • You can add antibacterial soap into the dispenser to increase the efficiency of germ prevention.
  • Besides use in the bathroom, you can install them in your kitchen to help clean up during food preparation.

Important considerations when buying the best automatic soap dispensers

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When it comes to automatic soap dispensers for home use, you’ll find lots of factors that you should consider before you buy.

With lots of different types and styles to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice in finding the ideal one that will suit your bathroom and kitchen needs.

There is no doubt that selecting the most suitable automatic soap dispenser from a range of choices which offer different prices, features and models might be a difficult job.

From units with buttons to touch free soap dispenser models, each choice comes with its features and advantages to offer.

Consider the following basic features before you purchase your much-needed automatic soap dispenser:

Features for the right automatic soap dispenser for home use

  1. Foam or soap

Depending on your preference of soap type, you should choose the appropriate unit to go with your taste. The soap options come in different kinds such as powder, liquid or foam soap; pick the one that will suit your needs.

The liquid types are inexpensive and you don’t need special pumps. An automatic foaming soap dispenser has pre-lathered soap and needs less water for rinsing. A single refill will offer you maximum hand washes.

  1. Materials

Automatic soap dispensers for the kitchen are made from materials like stainless steel, brushed nickel, ABS plastic and ceramic.

Consider a dispenser that’s created with sturdy and durable material. Don’t buy a touch soap dispenser which will cause allergies, rust or break easily.

What’s the best quality of material for your preferred dispenser? A plastic soap dispenser with a stainless-steel coating is popularly used for liquid pumps.

Clear see through materials are useful in helping you see how much soap is left, which helps you to plan for a refill in good time.

You are safe with a soap dispenser made of stainless steel or ABS plastic. This makes sure that you have a long-lasting service without break down.

While plastic types are the affordable and the most commonly used design, you’ll find containers created with steel, glass, and ceramic. Select a soap dispenser to match your room decor.

You should also consider those who will be using the dispenser. To play it safe, go for plastic or metal body dispenser for the kid’s room, while for the master bedroom choose a ceramic or glass type.

A brushed stainless soap dispenser is very durable and long-lasting. These dispensers are usually made from very top-quality stainless steel. They are what you find in most washrooms.

The primary reason a brushed stainless soap dispenser appears to be popular is because of its unique design. The stainless-steel helps make these units essentially durable.

  1. Advanced features

While dispensers with advanced features are often costly, they work best and are likely to offer a better user experience.

Some of the helpful advanced features include a clear display that allows you to keep an eye of the remaining soup, adjustable volume, lasting battery, as well as units that have installation hardware.

  1. Capacity

A touch free soap dispenser has reservoirs that are of different sizes. Those with a higher capacity can provide more storage. This will help to minimize the number of times you should refill them.

The higher capacity dispensers are the best option for public areas like offices or schools.

Conversely, if you like to travel with the unit or have a small family, then buying one with a smaller reservoir is the best option. This is because it is compact, which makes it easy to carry it around and store.

  1. Power source

You can use a plugin socket or rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries to power a no touch soap dispenser.

A battery-operated soap dispenser can be handy as it will work even in places without electricity or if you intend to use it on a counter top that is not near a power source.

The downside a battery-operated soap dispenser is that you will need regular battery changes, especially if you have a soap dispenser that has high energy demands which shortens the battery life.

A good alternative that will save you the hassle and cost of purchasing batteries is getting a dispenser with the option of rechargeable batteries.

  1. Battery slot

Look at the battery compartment situated at the dispenser’s bottom section. It helps to house the batteries to avoid moisture damage, which results in rust.

The base of top-quality dispensers are waterproof to help prevent splashes from seeping through and damaging the batteries. Consider whether the battery compartment is water proof.

You may also look at the ease of operating this compartment. A battery compartment that is sealed using a screw may be hard to operate as you need to use a screw driver every time you need to change or charge your batteries.

  1. Style and set-up

The widely known styles / set up of dispensers include counter-mounted and wall-mounted types. Automatic soap dispensers are normally wall-mounted, which helps to leave the counter area free.

The latest automatic soap dispensers allow you to install the soap pump on a wall mount or countertop. This provides you with an option on where to put the dispenser to make the area look appealing and for easy access to the liquid soap.

Manual styles may either stand by themselves on your counter or may be fixed to the wall with rings or brackets. Additionally, some manual models can hang with a hook or nail to permit ease of access.

A wall mounted hands-free soap dispenser will help in saving on counter / sink space and provide you with a good look. The soap is much easier to access throughout the house and you can easily install it on the wall.

Once you’re done installing the wall mounted hands-free soap dispenser, you’ll only have to purchase the bags of soap. As soon as the bag is empty, empty one out and put a full bag in.

When it comes to style, many of these dispensing units are available in a range of materials and colors that will match any decor in your house.

  1. Where to install the touch free soap dispenser?

To start with, you need to make a plan on where to set up the unit. You can install it either in the kitchen or bathroom.

Depending on where you intend to install your soap dispenser, you might apply different considerations.

A wall mounted hands-free soap dispenser can work for your bathroom sink or a convenient location in your kitchen but may not be suitable for use in the shower.

For the kitchen soap dispenser, you might prefer one with bigger soap holding capacity and one that can handle the required dish washing soap viscosity.

Also, you may prefer not to get a foam dispenser for use with dish washing soap, as foam dispensers are more suitable for hand washing.

For use in the shower, fill the dispenser with conditioner, shampoo and shower gel to help make showering easy and convenient.

You’ll also be able to minimize clutter around your shower space, which is hard to clean up and attracts mildew and soap scum.

By doing this, you can purchase your shampoos and soaps large quantities. All you have to do is fill up the soap dispenser when needed, which is inexpensive compared to purchasing many small containers.

Other considerations such as compatibility with your faucet may also influence your choice of a soap dispenser.

  1. Sensor technology

This mechanism detects motion, which automatically dispenses liquid soap after a hand movement. Also, some can operate from a distance due to the powerful construction.

Automatic soap dispensers are an amazing accessory. To start with, they get rid of the need for messy bar soaps. For this reason, they appear cleaner, tidier and more appealing.

You will also be able to fill most of them with any type of liquid soap you like or even hand sanitizer, shampoo or hand lotion for easy and fast access.

Storing the liquids in the right dispenser appears a lot tidier than having many containers out on display.

Additionally, automatic soap dispensers are more hygienic compared to using a bar of soap. It is able to detect the hand is under the dispenser and provide you with a shot of liquid soap and without having to touch the dispenser.

The automatic foaming soap dispenser is also getting more common nowadays. You can get this dispenser in all kinds of style and they’re very affordable.

  1. Evaluate your options

Consider the benefits of the different types of soap dispensers. The manually operated dispensers are convenient to use, don’t use electricity and may be considered more environmentally friendly as they save on energy.

On the other hand, automatic soap dispensers with their hands-free feature make them a more hygienic option. They are also easier to operate, even for children, since the soap is released as soon as you place your hands under the soap outlet.

With automatic dispensers, you will need to always change the batteries to ensure it’s always working properly; this can be costly or inconveniencing when you do not have replacement batteries at hand.

Both types of soap dispensers are easy to install and clean regularly.  Consider these different aspects before deciding which type of soap dispenser best suits your situation.

Benefits of the best automatic dispensers for home use

  1. Prevent the spread of germs

The major advantage of the best automatic soap dispensers for home use is that you can wash your hands and not spread germs to other family members who might use the soap.

Touch free soap dispensers come with automatic hand sensors that will release liquid soap after sensing your hand movement, thus eliminating the need for contact.

These dispensers are even more useful if your home has pets. Pets may carry dangerous bacteria and pets, so you should wash your hands after handling pets.

A touchless soap dispenser ensures that you do not transfer any germs you have picked from handling your pets to your soap dispenser.

Since it’s a no touch soap dispenser, it will minimize hand to hand spread of contagious bacteria.

  1. User friendly

These dispensers are able to fit in any kitchen or bathroom, and they’re simple to set up and refill using soap when needed.

Automatic or touchless soap dispensers release soap as soon as they sense hand movement. There is therefore no need to press, push or pull while creating a mess in order to get your soap out.

If you would like keeping the soap at the back of your sink, an automatic hand wash dispenser is the best choice. It can help you get soap without having to stretch too far.

  1. Soap economy

Additionally, the unit can help in distributing the same quantity of soap and an adequate amount of soap every time you use it, thus helping to save soap.

Apart from the work of ensuring your hands stay clean, an automatic hand wash dispenser also functions by giving just the right amounts of soap you need to wash the hands. This will ensure that you don’t waste any lotion or soap dispenser kit.

  1. Convenience

Rather than installing standard holders for bar soaps, consider switching to a wall mounted hands-free soap dispenser for hand washing purposes.

While it’s true that different kinds of soap are needed, and that there are situations you may require to use bar soaps, you should consider using automatic soap dispensers in the other situations where bar or powder soaps are not required.

The ease of using an automatic soap dispensing unit is obvious. You simply place your hand under the unit and you get your soap in the right quantity.

With bar soaps, the process of rubbing the soap repeatedly to get the right amount is not only tiring but a very messy process.

The regular contact with the bar soap by many people is also an easy way of transferring bacteria from one user to another.

  1. Enhanced positive hygiene standards

You should consider this kind of touch free soap dispenser if you are seeking to improve hygiene in your home.

Germ contamination is a common concept especially in cases where there is contact as with the case when sharing bar soaps.

A wall mounted soap dispenser is a hygienic and hassle-free way for your loved ones to access antibacterial soap liquid for cleaning their hands after toilet use, before meals or after outside activities.

Research has shown that no touch soap dispenser can minimize up to 80% of the risks of bacteria spread. This makes it a much safer choice if your objective is getting a healthier home environment.

Automatic or touchless soap dispensers are fun and easy to use, features that are likely to encourage your family members to wash their hands more often. Some even come with child friendly features likely to appeal to children.

Most, if not all parents would easily part with a few dollars to invest in an appliance that would encourage regular hand cleaning.

Cleaner hands definitely play an important role in limiting the spread of germs and disease.

  1. Healthier family members

As explained above, automatic soap dispensers greatly reduce the risk of spreading bacteria through the reduced contact with soap or the dispensing machine.

The first advantage that you’ll get from the reduced risk of spreading bacteria contamination is reduced risk of diseases and therefore an improvement in the quality of living.

A home that doesn’t install a touch free soap dispenser has a higher risk of getting more sick calls from the family members. But you can change this situation by installing an automatic hands-free hand wash dispenser.

The addition of this simple appliance can improve the standards of hygiene in your bathroom and kitchens and play an important role in helping to keep your family members healthier and hopefully free from illness.