Best Dish Racks Product Review and Buying Guide 2022

To have an organized sink and kitchen counter tops, you require the right quality dish rack that will hold all the silverware, cups, plates, glasses and other utensils neatly and safely.

A dish rack is perfect for ensuring these things are tidily kept in one area.


We will provide a summary of factors to consider when buying a dish rack, do a product review and provide more details on considerations when buying a dish rack later in this article:

Factors to consider when shopping for a dish rack:

  • Storage capability
  • Material
  • Quality of construction
  • Size of the dish rack vis-à-vis available kitchen space
  • Versatility

Storage capability – the more slots and compartments the dish rack contains the more utensils it will be able to hold neatly in place. More and well organized compartments will also allow your dishes to dry faster.

Material – consider the materials used to create the dish drying rack and consider which material would work best for you. You should make sure you buy one that is resistant to corrosion.

As an item that will constantly be in contact with water, it is important that it be rust resistant. If you prefer a wooden one, ensure you have measures in place to prevent mold build up.

Quality of Construction – when it comes to selecting the best dish rack to hold your utensils, you should make a careful selection.

One of the best ways to do this is by reading through reviews on dish drying racks to get customer experience.

Get a firm dish rack that will not collapse under the weight of your dishes. It should also not be vulnerable to elements like dust or mold, depending on the material it is made of. A good quality dish rack should serve you well for a couple of years.

Size – consider the number of glasses or cups and plates that you would like to store. Size is also an important factor considering the available space in your kitchen.

Versatility – a good dish rack should be able to serve many purposes, from draining and drying, organizing and storage.

A good rack helps you to organize the recently cleaned cups, glasses or plates neatly and firmly in place, with no risk of dishes sliding/toppling and breaking.

With a drainer, the process of drying the dishes is fast and easy. This will help you avoid the need to wipe down the kitchen counter with the water dripping from your recently washed dishes. A good dish rack should serve multiple purposes from.

Product Review of Dish Racks

1.KitchenAid Full Size Dish Rack

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If you’re looking for a rack that’s elegant, simple, compact and very durable, then this product is what you need.

This KitchenAid KNS896BXGRA Dish Rack features satin-coated, rust-resistant and hard wearing wires.

These wires can help in securing your kitchen items like full-sized pots, cups, pans, bowls and more.

Additionally, it’s made to drain over any sink and comes with an ideal pitch that helps in preventing water from collecting in the dish rack.

This product comes with compartments you can adjust for specialty kitchen items, which helps you store many items.

All parts are detachable, which makes it simple to hand wash. It also features a soft foot that can avoid scratching of the kitchen counters.


  • Created with wires that are resistant to rust if well maintained
  • Simple to clean up
  • Multi-functional and big capacity


  • Detachable flatware caddy
  • Satin-coated and hard wearing wires
  • It will drain over any sink
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • It might rust
  • The tray does not align well to the rack which poses water draining challenges
  • The compartments are too low to hold utensils firmly

  1. Deluxe Chrome-Plated Steel Small Dish Drainers

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This product is what you require if you want modernity and simplicity. The Neat-O Deluxe Chrome-Plated Steel Small Dish Drainers features a black rubberized base and chrome finish, making it ideal for any style of kitchen.

It also comes with a removable compartment for forks and spoons. You’ll find holes in this compartment, so it helps drain automatically.

Additionally, the Neat-O Deluxe design dish rack comes fitted with unit spaces to hang cups and bottles.

It can hold up to eight dishes; you can either place this self-draining dish rack directly in the sink or on the countertop.


  • Dual placement choices; counter or sink
  • Will accommodate bottles, plates, cutlery, and cups
  • Compact
  • Self-drains without need for collecting the drain water
  • Stylish, simple design


  • Racks have wide spacing, making it inappropriate for use with small plates or saucers.
  • The 8-plate size isn’t a fit for the needs of a many users
  • Not resistant to rust

  1. Over the Sink Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack

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The Surpahs Over the Sink Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack lets you use it conveniently for lots of purposes.

Simply put in over your sink and use it for drying all kinds of dinnerware, which include heavy cookware, as well as drying veggies and fruits.

Additionally, its top-quality tubes are simple to maintain and clean up. This is because the material is oil resistant and safe to wash in the dishwasher.

Moreover, this product will integrate qualities of heat resistance up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in its design.

You can place steaming meals or hot items on the rack on a flat surface while waiting for items to cool.

You can easily fold it after use to help in creating space and preventing messing up the countertop.

This Surpahs Over the Sink Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack is also available in warm gray shade. This allows it to blend well with most kitchen decor and adds some flair to the kitchen counter.


  • Resistant to oil and heat
  • Design is foldable
  • Multipurpose dish rack


  • Well-suited to many color schemes
  • Inexpensive
  • Practical, simple design
  • Corrosion and heat resistant
  • Maintenance is simple
  • User-friendly glassware
  • Surface is non-slippery


  • There are no extra compartments
  • Might obstruct sink access

  1. Professional Dish Rack – 304 Stainless Steel Large Capacity

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This PremiumRacks Professional Dish Rack has a rust-free and durable stainless-steel chrome plated design and includes a Microfiber Mat. This makes the product look elegant and brags extraordinary durability.

It means you get a side drainage system, a sponge/knife holder attachment, 3 separate attachments for holding cups, 2 different drainboard styles, a cutting board attachment, a wide holder for utensils and a microfiber mat.

It is not only created with hard-wearing 304 stainless steel, but it is also sturdy enough so you don’t have to worry about breakages or a shaky top shelf.

The PremiumRacks Professional Dish Rack is available in different shapes and sizes. This makes it easy to select the design that suits your kitchenware superbly.


  • Created with top quality 304 stainless steel
  • Customizable


  • Very durable
  • Comes in different shapes and sizes
  • Easy to customize to suit personal needs
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Big size
  • Affordable
  • It can accommodate a lot thanks to the well-built, double-deck design
  • The dish drainer is extra large


  • Takes up lots of space on the kitchen counter
  • Has a short drip pad

  1. Kitchen Steel Frame Dish Rack with Swivel Spout

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This simplehuman Kitchen Steel Frame Dish Rack features amazing construction and is made of Fingerprint-Proof Stainless-Steel Frame.

It is fully functional in the kitchen and has a unique drainage system, with a Swivel Spout which lets water flow directly into your sink.

In addition, this product has a wine glass rack to help you safely hang up glasses to dry fast and efficiently. The utensil holder enables you to organize your utensils to create a tidy look.

It features soft-coated wires and this helps in preventing the dishes from chipping and scratching. Due to this, the anti-residue coating can result in the spread of water avoiding the buildup or residue.


  • The drip tray is extendable
  • Incorporated wine glass rack
  • Anti-residue hydrophilic coating
  • Ground-breaking drainage system


  • Offers spaces for holding wine and regular glass, big size
  • Resistant to chipping, fingerprint, staining and scratch
  • No water spots thanks to its anti-residue coating
  • Its rotating swivel spout feature will get rid of the need to dry the rack’s bottom
  • Five-year warranty
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Good finish and design
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Not resistant to rust
  • Short glass holder does not provide sufficient support for glasses
  • Rubber trimming loosens over time
  • The silverware holder consumes space in the rack and topples if used outside

  1. Good Grips Convertible Foldaway Stainless Steel Dish Rack

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This OXO Good Grips Convertible Foldaway Dish Rack is the best choice if you want a space-saving rack. You can fold it and it has a compact size to help make storage easy.

It also comes with a sturdy plate rack, so you won’t have any issue with keeping the plates and bowls held tidily and vertical.

This product comes with a roomy middle part, which is perfect for salad bowls and cookware. You get holders for the utensils, with a divider for separating the forks from the spoons.

Normally, the tines help in holding the cups, mugs and wine glasses inside the dish rack. This will help prevent them from dripping on your countertop.

The spout, sidewalls and the legs fold for compactness and keeping in the cabinet.


  • Dishwasher safe for a simple clean up
  • The plate rack will fold down for big bowls
  • Legs will fold out to raise the rack
  • Divided holders for utensils


  • Foldable pour spout for occasional and continuous draining
  • Durable
  • Unique cup rack will hold all kinds of cups and does not drain on the counter
  • Firm construction
  • Foldable for different operation and simple storage


  • Closely spaced cup racks. A big cup will fill the space of two in this model.
  • Many foldable and snap choices get broken when used regularly

  1. Rubbermaid Antimicrobial Dish Drainer, Small, Black 1858912

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This Rubbermaid Antimicrobial Dish Drainer will tidily organize your dishes after you’ve washed them.

The product comes with thirteen dish slots and is extra deep for the utmost capacity. This dish drainer is strong enough for securely holding stoneware plates.

It features integrated microban antimicrobial product protection that helps fight bacteria that causes stain and smell. This keeps the drainer smelling fresh and looking great.

This Product will help in padding, protecting and draining the dishes after a thorough cleanup.

It comes with compact construction to let it hold several pots and pans comfortably and for long periods.

It features a resilient, sturdy frame that provides strong support. This product is the best choice if you want a high-performance and quality drainer.


  • Extra deep for maximum capacity
  • Coated wire paddings and protects sinks and dishes


  • Simple design
  • Comes in an appropriate standard size
  • Offers interesting color choice, especially the red color


  • It is not rust proof
  • The lightweight design and thin wires do not support dishes properly, not sturdy
  • The removable utensil holder does not snap in place and leaves a large gap when taken out

  1. Sagler wooden dish rack plate rack Collapsible  Bamboo dish drainer

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This product is created with wood that instantly makes it stand out from other racks in the market. The Sagler wooden dish rack plate rack is easy to foldaway and store.

It’s created with bamboo wood for mold-resistant and long-lasting experience. With its 2-level design, you have approximately fourteen slots for your plates.

It’s a breeze to clean up this rack since you can just use water and mild soap.

It will need a bit of care so as not to run the risk of splinters. Since it doesn’t rust, it makes it an ideal product, particularly if you reside in a humid and tropical climate.


  • Made of bamboo
  • Fourteen slots
  • Hand wash
  • The design is collapsible


  • Rust free as it is made of bamboo
  • The rustic bamboo look adds to your kitchen aesthetics
  • Sturdy and well-constructed
  • Easily foldable for compactness and easy storage


  • Can develop mold if not well maintained
  • Spacing between the slats may not accommodate wide plates
  • Serves well as a fruit holder

Considerations when choosing the best dish drying racks for the kitchen

Owning a kitchen dish drying rack means that it’s easy to dry the dishes without having to worry about mold or rust forming on your utensils.

That way, you can easily keep the expensive wooden spatulas and knives in perfect state.

But dish racks come in different designs and makes to suit different needs. Each type may be perfect for some people, for certain kinds of dishes, or other determining factors.

To ensure that your dish drying rack adds to the efficiency of your kitchen, you should make the right decision.

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A basic dish drying rack with tray may not be a costly appliance, but it is important to get it right with the first purchase.

Getting the wrong one can inconvenience you and make your kitchen tasks less efficient, not to mention the extra cost of getting a replacement.

A dish rack is an important purchase to make once a couple of years. So, you need to think about the essential factors below to make the best decision:

  1. Material

The most popular materials that make up a dish rack are a little rubber, stainless steel and plastic.

When shopping for your preferred dish rack, take into consideration other materials as well. Once you know the benefits and drawbacks of the materials, you can choose accordingly.

Most people might choose a plastic model because they don’t rust and for their versatility. But once it gets dirty, cleaning up a plastic rack is not easy.

For this reason, you may want to consider other materials as a dirty looking plastic dish rack is an eye sore.

Furthermore, the cheap type of plastic racks might easily crack is there is a big stack of dishes on them.

Stainless dish drying rack choices are better when it comes to sturdiness and durability; however, they have disadvantages as well.

You should ensure that the products are chrome-plated, or you may confront corrosion very soon.

In addition, there are wooden dish racks in the market; however, there will be a likelihood of mildew or mold buildup.

Wooden dish racks feature an attractively rustic look, which may add to your kitchen aesthetics.

  1. Versatility

You want to ensure the dish rack you choose will add convenience and offer multiple uses. Many dish racks have extra and removable sections, which you can take out to help in creating more room for bigger utensils.

A few parts, such as the square baskets, can transform into storage compartments for detergent holders, veggies or fruits.

Other models integrate a foldable feature, which allows you to fold and safely store away your dish rack after use.

If you need a model that will use minimal space, consider getting the foldable models.

Additionally, you should make sure the rack will integrate heat-safe qualities, letting you use it as a cooler.

  1. Construction

You may think that steel wire dish racks are the best option when thinking of construction. But with the advancement of technology, dish drying racks have also transformed into several sectioned designs.

You can get models having detachable parts, adjustable shelves and other features that help to make the structure and purpose very versatile.

If your preference is a strong, simple rack without any added features, there are still many choices you can depend on.

  1. Capacity

Check out the number of dishes you’ve got to clean daily. After that, check if any dish drying rack with a tray can easily accommodate the dishes without occupying needless apace.

If you are aware of the amount of space you have, that can provide you with an idea of the dish rack size you need. Remember that a bigger model may not automatically offer a bigger capacity.

This is why you can also choose two or three-tier models or an over the sink rack if you have limited space but many dishes.

If you’ve got many utensils, you will require a suitable space to dry them all. This also applies to plates, cups, and any other dish that can occupy space in the dish rack.

Because the perfect model has different abilities for each item, you have many options to think about before purchasing.

  1. Dimensions and size

Before you buy the dish rack, you want to ensure that you have the right product measurements.

Some models have custom-made sizes, which are ideal for certain sink dimensions. These need you to know your faucet and sink measurements beforehand.

In addition, check out if your preferred model features adjustable sizes. These will let you carry and keep it easily or change the model to suit your preferences.

  1. Type

For some people, the best dish rack will be one which fits perfectly inside the sink. This will allow safe dripping of the water inside the sink, which leaves little wiping work for you afterwards.

Others prefer having their dish rack sitting elsewhere like on the kitchen counter or by the sink’s side, therefore leaving the sink free to hold their dirty utensils.

You may also want one that will fold away tidily when you’re not using it. If you have a dishwasher, you may not even require a rack unless you’re doing hand washing of fragile utensils or items that are not dish washer friendly.

For an in-sink dish drying rack, you should consider the size to ensure that the dish rack will fit your preferred spot.

For your kitchen counter, your main concern may be how this item will contribute to your kitchen’s aesthetics.

A dish rack that stays over the sink will require some kind of drainage for the water that’s dripping. For this reason, you need to be certain that you purchase a model with the right mechanism.

There’s generally a drainage tray, which slants for this purpose or slopes that direct the water outwards.

  1. Instructional Manual

Some intricate models out there need you to install the rack before you use it. You should ensure the model you want to purchase or are purchasing will add in an instruction manual.

The details can let you put together the product systematically and in the right way while reducing the risk of ruining the unit before using it.

Specific models don’t come with a manual, and hence, you should make sure that you use other means to get the proper installation instructions like a friend who installed it successfully or research online.

  1. Storage and maintenance

You should always wash and dry the dish rack regularly, to avoid the risk of water collecting which can result in an increase of bacteria.

For this reason, make sure you go for a simple-to-clean product. To make work easier, choose a product that comes with a dishwasher safe evacuation system.

The storage of dishes depends on your dish drainer’s shape and type. You can arrange cutlery and plates depending on whether you have a horizontal or vertical dish rack

If you have one that features a container for collecting water, once the dishes dry you should empty the container, wash and dry it and then keep it away.

Additionally, use a clean cloth to clean up the drops of water that will settle on your kitchen counter.

You should use white alcohol vinegar to clean it up occasionally. This will help in preventing lime and slime from building up where the water runs on the counter.

Advantages of a countertop dish drying rack

  1. Dish safety

Many dish racks come with unique areas for handling mugs, cutlery, glasses and plates that then guarantees safety. When you put a wine glass on the sink, it can easily topple and break.

However, having sections within your dish rack which are specifically created to handle breakable items will ensure their safety while drying.

Additionally, you get to select your preferred material, from stainless steel to ABS plastic.

  1. Helps ease pressure on shelves

While dish racks are usually made for drying the dishes, you can use them for storage as well.

If you have an excess of cups and plates that exceed your shelf capacity, then leave them out on your dish rack.

These items are not only created with durable material but are also well-built. They will help in keeping the utensils safe until you want to make use of them or find alternative storage.

Look for a model that will hold many plates, cups and other dishes. Some can carry 15 or more plates and other items, based on how many dishes you own.

  1. Fewer utensils in the kitchen island

If your kitchen is small, you would like to ensure it stays as organized as possible. You can achieve this by making sure that everything is in the right place.

When you leave dishes by the sink or anywhere on your kitchen tops, they take up space that can use for cooking, making the space even smaller.

The solution is to use a dish rack that will pack everything tidily into one stack that will not obstruct anything in the kitchen.

  1. Drains water off your dishes

When you’ve finished washing dishes, they’re wet and scattered on the kitchen counter.

While you might overlook it for a moment, it ultimately becomes an eyesore, particularly if you love a neat, clean kitchen.

Because dishes should be dried after cleaning, an elevated dish drying rack is a perfect way of preventing this water from idly lying on the surface for longer periods.

A dish rack will help collect all the water that’s draining from utensils, which leaves you with dry and neat surfaces. Additionally, you will not experience issues with hygiene.

  1. Multi-functional

A dish drying rack is not only perfect for dishes, but it’s also great for drying fruits and veggies if you go for the right product.

You’ll find the simple and all-flat range that will also serve as an ideal area for drying your groceries.

A rack with multiple sections is likely to be multi-functional as you can use the various racks for different things.

This kind of rack is created with stainless steel. For this reason, it will handle heat properly and it also features a non-slip bottom for cooling a hot pan.

However, racks created with other materials such as coated metal wire, plastic or wood may also provide multi-functionality.

You should shop for a rack that can last 3 to 5 years or more under everyday usage.

There are many different kinds of models available. You can get them in different materials, have different dish abilities and have different styles too.

With the many available options, you should know what each model provides in terms of choices and features.

Additionally, you should know what your dishwashing volume and needs are. This will ensure that you select a model which can easily accommodate your dish load.

These products come in different designs. Some might come with trays that help in draining water at an angle into your sink.

Others might feature flat collection trays to collect dripping water which you will need to drain manually.

Lastly, you’ll find variations in the design of every dish rack type. There are foldaway dish racks.

Some are full-sized models holding a whole meal’s worth of utensils while others will take fewer dishes.

Some racks are made to fit over a sink while others are made to fit in it. Each design comes with its own benefits and it is for you to choose based on what works best for you.

Dish rack materials

There are many different materials used for making dish drying racks. Here are a few of the commonly used materials and their benefits:

  1. Metal dish dryer rack 

There are lots of features that these types offer, which make dish washing and drying more convenient. These features will include drain systems which help in drawing water away from your dishes and into your sink.

Additionally, these dish racks are durable and can last for a long time with the right care, even when using it every day.

You can also get these metal types of racks in lots of different dish capacities and sizes. Other features will include divided compartments for separating glassware from cookware, detachable silverware organizers and the ability to collapse for storage.

They look good in any kitchen and will blend well with most decor and color schemes. Metal racks are also easy to keep clean and sanitary.

A modern dish dryer rack features durable stainless steel. These dryers are the ideal size for a studio apartment or dorm studio. These racks’ design is very streamlined and will suit a modern kitchen style well.

For example, KitchenAid dish drying rack stainless steel is easy to keep sanitary and clean. This will ensure you do not contaminate the clean dishes when placing them in the dish rack. Additionally, this rack will match any color scheme and is ideal for any kitchen.

Before you purchase any wire dish drying rack, make sure you read buying guides from reliable sources.

You’ll know how to select one and where to purchase it and what to take into consideration when purchasing this type of rack.

  1. Wooden dish drying rack

Wood is the best option for people who love a more rustic kitchen style. One of the most popular materials is bamboo. It’s naturally anti-microbial and environmentally friendly.

These are made to be water-resistant as well. Most wooden models fold flat for storing easily.

Wood types are an environmentally friendly choice as they created with eco-friendly materials.

To keep wooden models free of bacteria and safe from mildew, you should ensure that they stay clean and dry.

Once you dry and store the dishes, you should wipe the whole rack and dry it before folding it up and storing it.

You can also use linseed oil on the dish rack to help in preventing it from getting very dry and cracking.

Although wooden models need more upkeep, most people like the tone and look they offer kitchens and feel like it’s worth the investment.

A bamboo dish drying rack will add some functionality and style to your kitchen. It will hold glasses, mugs, and plates and let air flow to dry kitchen items.

It can also serve as an ideal mini bookshelf, strong enough to hold big books. So once you retire your bamboo dish rack from drying dishes, you could give it a second lease of life as a book shelf.

  1. Plastic dish drying rack

This type comes with lots of variation and is the costliest of all options. Lots of plastic models can be collapsed after use for easy storage. You can get them in a huge range of sizes and colors to suit your needs.

Plastic models are lightweight and you can clean them up and even bleach easily if necessary.

Some of these models feature antimicrobial properties. These will help in preventing the buildup of mildew and mold and contaminating your clean dishes.

Types of dish racks

There’s a range of dish rack styles in the market. Here are some of the different types to choose from:

  1. Foldable dish rack

Most of these racks are available in a range of options. Wood, plastic and metal call all come with foldable designs.

The advantage of having this design is that it’s a lot simpler to store away without occupying sink and counter space.

Ensure you wash and dry this model before storing it away to make sure there’s no buildup of bacteria or mold.

  1. Over the sink dish rack

The over the sink dish rack will go over your sink and take up space on the far end of your sink.

The true over the counter type is big enough to go even over two sinks and will provide plenty of dish drying/storage capacity while taking up very little of your sink or countertop space.

Many of these varieties of sinks have coated metal wire and feature slots for bowls and plates. Some also come with detachable utensil holders.

  1. In-sink dish rack

This type of dish rack will fit inside your sink and the drips from wet dishes and runoff water remain in your sink, not on the kitchen counter.

It also frees up your kitchen counter so that you can use it for making coffee and cooking.

The downside the kind of this kind of rack is that it occupies one of your sinks and will always need to be cleared before you can use your sink.

If you do not mind this regular task of clearing your sink, you can enjoy the benefit of easy water drainage into your sink.

If you have limited space, you may want to think about in sink dish drying rack. It will not only free up the kitchen counter but also ensure your space stays puddle-free and dry.

If you do not want to buy a new rack made for this purpose, your usual one might work very well. Just put your existing rack, if it is small enough, in your empty sink while the dishes dry.

It is a creative improvisation that can help in keeping your dishes out of view and contain runoff water.

  1. Two-level dish drying rack 

This large dish rack lets more dishes dry at the same time and it will take up less space on your kitchen counter due to its two-level design.

These two-level dish racks are available in hard plastic, chrome and wood materials and feature lots of areas for holding drying dishes. They are much more attractive to gaze at compared to the regular dish racks.

Additionally, they are convenient for having lots of dishes done with no need of using your hand stop and drying the dishes as this model has become full.

  1. Baby dish rack

These are specifically meant for baby things such as containers, pacifiers, and bottles. You can get some unique designs in the market.

They feature tall, bendy, plastic blades that let the baby bottles and other items air dry safely and naturally. These racks are always free from BPA.

Dish Capacity

Dish racks are available in all sizes and shapes. It’s important that you know your load of dishes before buying this product. This way, you can buy a product that will suit your needs.

It’s always better to get a larger model instead of the ones with limited storage which will not be enough when you have more dishes.

Dish racks offer a convenient and quick way to dry dishes after washing. They get rid of the need to hand dry kitchen utensils, helping to save on energy and time.

For most people, drying dishes with a cloth is an annoying task which a suitable dish rack can relieve you of.

With all the different options to choose from, there’s a huge variety of dish racks to choose from and there is no doubt that you will find one that will suit your needs.

A dish rack might not be the most essential kitchen item; however, it offers lots of convenience especially for people who hand wash dishes.

They also serve a useful purpose even for people with dishwashers as they too have to use their hands to wash some items, especially for items that are not dishwasher friendly. For this reason, having the best quality rack will make the process of drying a breeze.

A dish rack with cover will help organize the dishes after washing. It will also help in keeping cockroaches away. It’s an important product that will make the kitchen looks good daily.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dish Racks

  1. How well does the rack drain?

These dish racks all drain properly but drain a different way. Many come with spouts or at least slanting to drain the water and dry your dishes quickly.

A few of them just feature a tray beneath for catching the water; however, it’s created with fast-drying plastics.

  1. Will the dish rack rust?

Most dish racks don’t rust as they feature top quality plastic or stainless steel, but you will find some that rust. To ensure the rack stays in great condition, you should keep it clean and dry after using it.

It might appear unnecessary to dry the rack; however, recurring water exposure will damage most materials. Keeping your dish rack dry is therefore a key step to ensuring its longevity.

After putting the dishes away, just wipe the rack to ensure that it is dry. You can then clean it up once every week or at a minimum once every month.

  1. Which dish rack is ideal for limited spaces without a dishwasher?

The Premium Racks or the OXO dish racks are the perfect choices for those with small kitchens.

The Premium Racks occupies lots of space on the counter; however, because of that top rack, it helps to hold more dishes.

The only way you can benefit from this dish rack is to have a large open area above where you intend to put it.

If you don’t have that large open area, then the best choice is the OXO. It is small and simple to store and will occupy little space on the counter while you’re using it.

  1. Is cleaning easy?

You can use a glass cleaner and a rag to easily clean many dish racks. Most come with parts you can wash in a dishwasher.

Additionally, you can use a glass cleaner to wipe the stainless steel. However, you should use warm water and dish soap to wash the plastic parts.

For plastic dish racks, you can use natural ingredients like white vinegar or bicarbonate of soda to clean your dish rack.

Ensure that you wipe your rack dry or allow it enough time for the water to drain before you put it back to use.