How to Add Color to Your Kitchen

Whether your kitchen is spacious or cramped, it is the home’s heart. This is where everyone congregates to eat and socialize. Modern kitchens are more than simply a place to prepare food; they also reflect the homeowner’s personality and sense of design. Depending on household norms, the kitchen has replaced the dining room and living room.

While kitchens with a neutral color scheme, such as white, will never go out of style, incorporating splashes of color into this high-traffic area of the house will make it more enjoyable to spend time there. It will also provide the homeowner with an opportunity to try something new.

Here’s how to add color to your kitchen space

Add color to the usage of appliances

Colorful appliances are a great way to inject vibrancy into a minimalist kitchen. Light colors and soft, soft-hued colors add a subtle pop of color. Doing so will provide visual appeal while maintaining your kitchen’s bright and airy atmosphere.


Wallpaper is often overlooked as a viable option for kitchen wall coverings compared to paint or tile.

How to Add Color to Your Kitchen

There are a variety of wallpapers designed for use in damp areas, or you can use wallpaper in conjunction with a short backsplash to keep water at bay. A playful wallpaper can inject a kitchen with color and energy, whether used as a single accent or an all-over treatment wall.

Colorful accessories

Bar tools, kitchen appliances, and lighting fixtures come in various colors. You can use them to introduce or complement accent colors throughout the space. Additionally, your recess features, like a breakfast bar or open shelving, can add color to your kitchen.

Feature walls

Are you friendly and outgoing, or sophisticated and relaxed? Painting just one wall with a striking contrast color will make a significant impression on visitors, whether you opt for red, blue, yellow, or some other color.

Are you having trouble settling on a hue? If a single wall color isn’t doing it for you, patterned wallpaper is a great alternative for a feature wall. However, accent walls can be helpful in any room in the house. Feature walls are an easy way to give any home space a unique look and feel.


The cabinets in your kitchen have a functional purpose, but they may also be a design element. Consider giving your kitchen a two-tone makeover if you want to inject some personality into the space. If the base cabinets are a neutral tone or white, you can paint the upper cabinets a color that complements the base color.

You can add visual interest to your kitchen by contrasting the color of your kitchen island with the wall cabinets. Painting it dark will offer a striking contrast to your kitchen’s bright walls. If your room is neutral, bold colors like scarlet red or royal blue will make a statement.

Two-color kitchens provide an almost infinite number of possible color and design combinations.

Add painted furniture

Painted furniture is a warm, inviting way to inject color into your kitchen. Customize your kitchen with a new cabinet, bench, or bookshelf. Using furniture that has been painted gives a room a burst of color and personality. If there’s a color you adore but don’t want to use on every wall in your home, consider painting some furniture instead.


Would you be more interested in adding color to smaller parts instead of larger ones? More subtle color accents on a smaller scale are the best option. Some examples of accents are chairs, handles, oven hoods, appliances, sinks, and various appliances and furniture components.

Use gold with warm colors and silver with cool ones, or try something else like copper or brass for a unique look. These have been fashionable in recent years and add an exciting new dimension to your cooking space.

Using a consistent color scheme for the room’s accents is a great way to tie the space together. You are free to pick any color you like, but you can be sure that the design of your kitchen will leave a lasting impression on your guests due to how marvelously distinct and remarkable it is.

Updating the tableware

There is a good chance that you can see all of your tableware in some part of the kitchen at any given time. A simple way to breathe new life into the color scheme of your kitchen is to replace your current tableware with a set that features more vibrant patterns. A good number of us fell for the logical suggestion that we should choose neutral tableware since it could be used with any pattern. Although this is a fair reason to get plain tableware, it won’t be easy to notice the difference afterward.

Instead of buying plain white dishes, why not pick an accent color from an adjacent room or your go-to kitchen towel? You can devise creative storage solutions to avoid hiding your new tableware in a cupboard.


Unlike cabinets, the primary purpose of these is not utility. A colorful splashback is a great alternative if you don’t have room for a feature wall. You can have a lot of creative fun expressing yourself through the room’s design. This is due to the wide range of available materials, textures, and colors.

Tiles are a standard option since they provide a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors to select from. You could even create a mosaic out of a couple of your favorite color combinations that work well. This is done by mixing and matching different complementary colors.

Using a mirror as a splashback is an intriguing option that is becoming increasingly common in contemporary kitchens. This makes a room feel more spacious and three-dimensional.

Adding a colorful rug

A new rug is an easy way to inject much-needed color into your kitchen. It’s possible you’ve never considered putting a rug in your kitchen. This is due to the constant threat of spills, but modern indoor and outdoor rugs are up to the challenge of any dish you can throw at them. Regardless of the room’s flooring, always use the appropriate rug pad.


Adding color and character to your kitchen is as simple as changing the light fixtures. There are a wide variety of options available when it comes to lighting. If you’re going for a minimalist look in the kitchen, colorful light fixtures are a great way to inject some personality.

You can use your light fixture to make a statement by changing the color of the bulbs to anything from ruby to emerald, black, azure, and gold.

Fresh flowers and fruits

Putting out your favorite flowers and fruits is a quick and easy way to bring color to your newly remodeled kitchen. A bowl of crisp, red apples is a beautiful sight in the kitchen. It is also a delicious and nutritious treat for your guests.

Which kitchen accent color should I select?

You can use any color you like as an accent in the kitchen, provided you use it properly. You can use any color, from crimson red to hot pink to lime green to mustard yellow. If you want to highlight a specific color on a permanent feature, such as a backsplash, you’ll have to work with what you can afford and are ready to commit to.

Think about how the accent color will look with the other finishes in your kitchen. Focus on the subtle tones present in your neutrals. A blue accent color would amplify the blue undertones in your gray countertops. See how different hues look in your kitchen by trying them out on fabric swatches or paint chips.


There is no shortage of options for sprucing up your kitchen’s elegant appearance. Make your kitchen a relaxing retreat by personalizing it with your favorite accessories and colors.