Types of Kitchen Ovens and Advantages of Ovens

Nowadays, ovens are one of the most beneficial and preferred kitchen appliances. Everywhere you go, you’ll get a range of ovens in motels, restaurants, homes and hotels.

There’s a wide range of ovens from a variety of brands to choose. It’s important that you select a model with all the requirements you need. Ovens vary in cost, size, method of cooking etc.

Think about your budget, your kitchen space and the kind of use you have for the oven before you zero in on your preferred choice.

In this article, you will learn about the different kinds of ovens and the models you need to consider.

Convection Ovens 

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These ovens can broil and bake like traditional kitchen types, just quicker and in a compact area.

Additionally, convection ovens can steam and grill multiple foods simultaneously, providing a way of preparing whole meals in less time.

Convection ovens use fans for circulating radiant heat around all sides of your meals while still maintaining your meals’ moisture and natural oils.

These units are especially helpful in meat preparation and usually have rotisserie choices.

These ovens are available in different sizes to suit your everyday cooking needs.

Microwave/Convection Oven Combination

These types of ovens use radiation for cooking meat and other meals. But unlike their competitor, microwave/convection ovens not only cook food quickly but also fry meat, roast, broil, brown and bake, tasks which are sometimes not possible with basic microwaves.

It is possible as convection types use fans for circulating heat around all the meals’ sides.

Convection models provide a 2-for-1 deal. This means they can act just as microwaves without using the extra convection choices.

Dutch Oven

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This is a big metal kettle that you can use to cook your meals over an open flame. A dutch oven is often created with cast iron; however, it can also be made in aluminum material.

While you can use these ovens on the barbecue or at campsites over a log flame, most cooks only use these appliances on the kitchen stoves.

Many of these ovens have a handle with lid. Some feature lids with curved lips, which can hold charcoal.

This big oven is mainly used for beans, soups, stews and chilies, but will also cook noodle dishes and rice or casseroles.

Microwave Ovens

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Microwave ovens are a popular household appliance. People regularly use these ovens to defrost and heat.

You will find some specific recipes you can use with these ovens such as baking. If you try to use a microwave to prepare a normal recipe it might not work out properly.

Since these appliances cook meals 30% quicker than traditional types, they are popular among people who like convenient and fast cooking.

These don’t have physical hot hardware as radiation replaces the actual heating and fire elements. This substitute will help make the appliance a safer kitchen choice for the children and teenagers that like microwaves for heating snacks in the morning and after school.

There are small, medium and big offerings in the market to suit the needs of different families and the limitations of any kitchen area.

Conventional Ovens

These models feature two heating elements, one at the top for broiling and another at the bottom for cooking and baking.

The elements help in heating the air in your oven, meaning the food close to the heat often cook quickly. A conventional model might sometimes heat meals unevenly, with cold and hot areas.

When choosing an oven, make sure that you check out the cleanup and maintenance instructions to see if it suits your needs.

Some of these appliances have pans and racks, which you cannot place in your dishwasher but you should hand wash them. Some have a simple to remove crumb tray and a self-cleaning feature.

Factors to consider when selecting an oven

When selecting the ideal oven, there are many things to consider. Here are some important tips:

  1. Size

Picking the correct size for your brand-new oven will depend on the amount of room you have in the kitchen.

You should consider available space and what can work best for your kitchen design. Many have a width of 27 and 30inches.

Check out the oven’s interior also to ensure it can suit your cooking needs and suit the baking pans and casserole dishes you use the most.

  1. Self-cleaning

Most people don’t like the idea of cleaning the oven, so they choose to get a self-cleaning model.

In addition to the ease of cleaning, this feature will allow you to make savings ultimately. Self-cleaning models are well-insulated, meaning that they are good at retaining heat. Ultimately, this will help you make energy savings.

For this reason, while a self-cleaning oven might be expensive upfront, you will potentially make up for additional costs ultimately.

  1. Single or Double

If you go for a wall model, it features the option for installing a double. A double model has two separate, completely independent cooking areas that will each feature a different temperature.

This means you can roast your veggies at 400 degrees and bake your chicken at 350 degrees simultaneously, thus saving on time while ensuring you do not overcook or under cook meals.

Double models can be convenient as you can cook two meals at different temperatures. But they also often occupy a bit of more space than a single model.

Of course, two ovens cost more than a single, so always consider if it is something you require. A double oven is good if you often cook for big parties regularly or for bigger households.

  1. Wall or Range

Wall models are placed directly into the wall and often lay level with the cabinets, while a range type will combine one with a range on top of it.

Wall types often have less interior room than ranges; however, they are often positioned higher up on your wall. So, you might have to lean over to get the food out.

In addition, you should consider how much space there’s around the oven. The reason being, when you are removing hot meals, you will want an area close by for setting it down. When you have a cooktop that is separate from the oven, it means you will have room under the cooktop.

Your option between a wall oven and a range usually depends on how much room you have in the kitchen and your preferred layout.

  1. Finishes and Color

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There’s has been a change in kitchen oven styles over the years. Currently, the most common types are stainless steel ovens, while black ovens were common before that.

Selecting what’s in style at present might be enticing; however, you need to go for trends that merge well  with your other decor.

Bold, bright color options might appear good in a retro-style kitchen, while white or off-white might work best with lighter colored cabinets.

Life becomes easier thanks to an oven. But you may be amazed to learn that few people have an oven in the house. Most people think of an oven as being capable of doing only one task, baking, which is not the case.

Kitchen ovens can do a lot more than just that. Here are a few reasons why you need to think about getting if you do not have one already.

Reasons why you should acquire an oven

  1. Ovens are worth the investment

Ovens are certainly versatile and unique mechanisms and tools. You can use ovens for making all types of foods and they can last for years.

Once you make the initial investment on an even, even though high, you’ll definitely get a return on investment. A good quality oven will serve you well and you won’t have to continue spending money on it. The only thing you need to do is clean it up occasionally.

  1. Everything gets easier

An oven makes everything easier. You get to clean fewer dishes since you place everything in one dish and wait for the food to cook.

This appliance will come in handy as fewer dishes equate to less effort and time spent on your sink scrubbing and washing multiple dishes until they are clean.

  1. Pleasing the entire family by baking and cooking new recipes 

It’s a great experience to bake and cook. Immersing yourself in these tasks especially with the right appliances like a good oven will help you unwind and reduce any stress you may have in life.

An oven provides you with the ease of baking and cooking what you like. It also provides you with the opportunity of experiencing and creating new recipes. It also helps you to make healthier meals as you do not need to add much oil as you would have to do while frying. This can definitely make your loved ones happy and healthier.

  1. Finding a design you like

Nowadays, modern kitchen ovens look more elegant and amazing than they did before. The newest designs and innovations are worth having not only for the convenience but for the improved kitchen décor and ambience making it a place you want to be.

Ovens are now available in all types of sizes, shapes and colors. There’s a design to suit your daily needs.

Remember, it is not about mimicking or copying other people to “blend in,” it’s about personal progress and the improved quality of life that modern ovens can provide.

  1. Always impressing the guests

An oven says a lot about you, your loved ones, and the significance of baking/cooking/serving meals. How about representing your love for food using a modern oven?

A good oven shows your guest that a lot of passion and investment has gone into the meals. There is no doubt that a good oven also results to tastier and more inviting meals.

  1. You will be able to bake

Baking is an amazing activity to do using the oven. Making pies, brownies, or cakes is incredibly simple with an oven.

You mix the butter, preheat the oven to the recommended temperature, and you’re en route to a delicious and amazing dessert that leaves you licking the fingers for more.

  1. More space

Ovens are certainly space-saving items. They can be small cooking devices that are available in a variety of sizes.

The possibility of having an inbuilt oven also allows for good use of kitchen space and can add to your kitchen aesthetics.

  1. Multi-functional abilities

Ovens offer a range of functions such as roasting, baking or cooking. This unit can do all that and a lot more for you and your loved ones.

Appliances with multi-functional abilities are not only a money saver, but also offer other benefits such as saving on space and time since you end up with one appliance in the place of two or more appliances.

Why you must clean your oven

Cleaning up the oven is an essential task but depending on how dirty your oven is, this task can usually leave you fatigued, frustrated and discouraged.

Oven clean-up is one of the most overlooked tasks especially because once you close the oven door, the dirt is hidden from plain sight. As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.

However, it is crucial that you clean your kitchen regularly for the following reasons:

1.Getting rid of bacteria and germs

High temperatures inside the oven will likely eliminate a big part of germs and bacteria inside. However, germs and bacteria can thrive once the temperatures cool and the food left overs are left in the oven unattended.

Consider disinfecting the oven well so that you know it’s safe from unpleasant germs and bacteria. You may also consider an occasional professional clean up.

This is to make sure disease-causing germs don’t remain inside the appliance. Certainly, you can gather enough inspiration to give your oven a good clean up when you think of the health risks that a dirty oven portends.

2. Money saver

If the kitchen oven is very filthy, it will operate less efficiently. It can take a lot of time to attain your preferred temperature and more time for cooking the food.

An oven that is not operating at optimum may require higher energy needs therefore adding to your energy bill.  Remember to keep the oven clean as you can so that it serves you well over a long duration.

3. Preventing a fire hazard

Building up lots of burned-on meals on your oven is dangerous. The residue, provided with the correct conditions, might easily go up in flames. Unattended food residue in your oven is a disaster waiting to happen.

You should not underrate the risk of oven fires, particularly if you have not performed a deep clean-up of your oven in a while.

4. To enhance your cooking zeal

An untidy kitchen oven is not only an eye sore but it also dulls your cooking zeal. You’ll not only feel uninterested to begin cooking but also feel lacking the ability.

This is partly because you are conscious of the fact that you need to clean before using the oven. The burden of this pending clean up task may rob you of the joy of using your oven, maybe forcing you to cook your food using your stove or other appliances instead.

5. Reduce bad odors

Accumulated spoils in your oven will not only give off an unpleasant and strong odor especially when pre-heating the oven but can also dissuade your cooking endeavors by restricting your oven’s functionality and its ability to cook.

It’s rare for food to emerge under-prepared and under-cooked with a clean kitchen oven. So, make an effort to clean up your appliances to enjoy perfect cooking once more.

6. A better working oven

If you keep this appliance running with many debris and spoils inside, it will, in the long run, develop issues.

This will mean additional fixes and perhaps the need to purchase a new oven. You certainly do not want to spend money replacing your oven, an expense you could have avoided simply by regular cleaning

You should try investing a bit of effort and time in frequent cleanup and maintenance to help in guaranteeing the smooth operation of the oven and to give it longevity. Though we usually switch it off or forget, cleaning up your oven is not optional, it is a necessity.

Whether you own a standard oven, a self-cleaning oven, or a continuous cleaning one, you should take one hour every couple of months and ensure that the oven stays clean.

The time investment in giving your oven a good clean is time well spent.