How do Air Fryers Work and Why Buy One

Air fryers are kitchen appliances that bake food and are most commonly used to make mock fried meals. The dishes will be similar to your usual fried food rather than the real thing. This is due to the fact that air fryers bake instead of frying the food.

People purchase these countertop kitchen appliances for a variety of reasons. However, the main reason is that they are seen as a healthier alternative to traditional frying. Though this might be true, it is more dependent on the type of food and how you’re preparing it than on the method of cooking.

You can also reheat food in air fryers, particularly frozen food. For instance, most individuals bake veggies in an air fryer for a delicious, crisp flavor.

Important facts on air fryers

The components of an air fryer

Depending on the size, brand, and price range, air fryers can take on a variety of appearances. However, there are a couple of key parts that are a common feature in air fryers, namely:

  • The air fryer’s controls are usually found on the front.
  • A heating element
  • A grate or basket that lifts and holds the food in the drawer
  • A fan
  • A drawer in which you’ll store the food

Knowing how the air fryer works can help you understand it better.

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How does an air fryer work?

To begin with, keep in mind that air fryers do not fry the food. By definition, frying is the process of using hot oil to cook food. Although you can deep fry in a pan or shallow fry in a skillet where the oil completely covers the food, frying requires that you cook in oil.

In theory, these kitchen appliances imitate deep frying in that the heat source — in the case of deep frying, heated oil — surrounds your food and touches its whole surface area at the same time.

This is why deep-frying produces crunchy food in a short amount of time. It applies intense heat to the food at the same time.

These kitchen appliances work similarly to a convection oven. You preheat the oven and place the meal in the cooking drawer. Hot air comes from the heating element’s hot air, which the fan circulates quickly within the food drawer.

The hot, circulating air gets to all sides of the food when it’s lifted inside the grate or basket. As a result, you get browned, crispy items with hardly any oil.

It’s a good idea to consider these kitchen appliances as a turbocharged version of roasting. Alternatively, because the hot air engulfs your food when air frying at lower temperatures, it may reheat leftovers well and fast. It’ll also make frozen food taste great because it will defrost and cook fast and evenly.

What can you prepare in an air fryer?

You can cook a wide variety of dishes in an air fryer since you are cooking with hot air rather than oil.

Popular air fryer items include potatoes, veggies in different sizes and shapes, like French fries, and a variety of other finger frozen foods. In addition, you can cook meats in the air fryer, like meatballs, wings, chicken breasts, and so on.

You should avoid cooking food with “wet batters” while cooking in an air fryer. Onion rings, fleshly battered fish, and homemade pancakes are all examples of foods that use liquid batters.

Meals coated in breadcrumbs, such as meat or fish, tend to be better for air frying, as do store-bought finger meals such as pre-made chicken nuggets, etc.

Is It Necessary To Use Oil When Cooking With An Air Fryer?

In most circumstances, the answer to this question is “no.” Most items do not require using oil. However, with a little oil, most food items, particularly veggies, will become crispier.

In addition, it is necessary to use a small amount of oil if you wish to season the food you’re air-frying.

Even if you only use pepper and salt in the air fryer, the seasoning can get stuck on the heating element and cause smoke if you do not use any oil.

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What Are the Benefits of Purchasing an Air Fryer?

Cooking fumes are a thing of the past

These kitchen appliances are well-known for their ability to cook food without producing excessive amounts of cooking odors.

Due to the fact that they use very little or no oil, the heat isn’t applied to enough oil or fat to generate smoke during the process. One of the major benefits of using an air fryer is the reduction in cooking time.

It’s impossible to say that these kitchen appliances do not emit any smoke. For example, you could ask if they have a distinct odor. It does occur on occasion, but only in minimal quantities.

Some models have an incorporated air filter. This will help prevent undesirable food smells and vapors from spreading all over the house, which helps solve this problem.

Air fryers are extremely versatile

One online search reveals that most air fryers can execute a variety of cooking operations, including roasting, baking, air frying, grilling, and so on.

Manufacturers often include relevant additional attachments and accessories. But this depends on what culinary function an air fryer offers.

This lets consumers get the most out of their investment. Its versatility may attract people who want to save valuable kitchen space by investing in one device that can perform lots of things rather than purchasing various machines for different cooking tasks.

No one can dispute the ability of air fryers to do a variety of cooking tasks, but the real question is how well they can do them.

Before purchasing an air fryer, you might want to conduct additional research. Make sure you check out customer reviews of the many options available.

An air fryer is user-friendly, safe, and quick

The appliance was originally intended to serve as a substitute for a deep fryer. That was excellent, but not enough to persuade a majority of people that they required one, as deep fryers aren’t something that most people regularly use in their homes.

Most of us would like to cook more frequently but lack the time to do so, which is a common occurrence these days. Because of this, takeaway and ready meals are so popular, despite the fact that they’re quite unhealthy. Why not cook pork chops or fish in an air fryer for under 20 minutes instead of ordering out?

Cooking at home is more appealing because air fryers are fast and user-friendly. The air fryer simplifies dinner. Once you’ve seasoned a piece of meat, like a chicken breast, and placed it in the basket, you’re ready to go.

Additionally, each model includes a guidebook, which describes the device’s functions. It also provides useful recommendations for maximizing its features and avoiding potential mishaps.

It is quite beneficial to go over the instructions in the guidebook and remember to apply them as you use the product. This saves you the trouble of some of the costly mistakes you are likely to make with a trial and error approach.

Many air fryers come with a feature that automatically shuts down after the cooking process is complete. Burning and overheating can be minimized in this manner.

Similarly, most don’t fall or slide around on the kitchen counter. The closed-cooking technique protects your food from mess and splatters by keeping it inside.

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Healthier cooking with air fryers

The potential for healthier cooking is an essential factor for the majority of individuals purchasing this kitchen appliance. This is an excellent substitute for deep-fried food items because it uses only a small amount of oil to cook.

In order to ensure that breaded foods such as fried fish and chicken tenders fry uniformly, you should spray some oil on them before cooking. However, the amount of used oil is far less. It’s also possible to make tater tots and french fries without deep frying.

Food that is crisp and crunchy

Air fryers generate crispy and crunchy food and so  you will like it best if you prepare lots of breaded and frozen items, such as chicken tenders and onion rings. Instead of a soggy mess, the air fryer crisps up your food, giving it a golden, crunchy surface.

You can get a crispy and crunchy exterior with just a few sprays of cooking oil on the food’s exterior. You can cook anything breaded, and any breaded food or frozen using this method.

Try to reheat some leftover pizza! As the air fryer heats the slice through, it not only crisps the bottom crust but also properly revitalizes the toppings. If you wait till it’s done, disappointment will be a thing of the past.

Larger air fryers can make multiple meals at a time


If you have an air fryer equipped with a food separator, you can cook many dishes simultaneously. Cooking both the fries and the chicken at the same time in a separator prevents the flavors from mixing and makes it easier to prepare meals.

These kitchen appliances are great for quick and easy lunch and dinner combinations. When using the separator, it is best to combine similar fixings. This will allow you to serve the two foods at the same temperature.

Some models have a synchronized air channel. This prevents food odors and poisonous gases from spreading throughout your house. The heated oil steam that floats and sticks will be diffused via the air channel.

Cooking in the air fryer is faster than cooking in the oven

When you use an air fryer, you don’t have to worry about having to keep an eye on the food. This is because this kitchen appliance cooks evenly and crisps up rapidly thanks to the circulating air. Cooking time will be slashed because of this.

Using an air fryer is quicker than using an oven for cooking. Not only due to the fact that it can heat up rapidly, but because it’s smaller than the oven.

For most recipes, air fryers do not require any pre-heating time, but an oven normally requires up to 10 minutes of pre-heating time.

If you have an air fryer, you can place your meal in a basket, slide it in, set the time, and have it ready to eat in 10 to 15 minutes or less.

You can make it easy and fast with this handy gadget. Once you get it up and running, it is as simple as turning it on, dumping your favorite snack into the pan, and letting the machine do the rest of the work for you.

Takes up less space on the counter

An air fryer is a small kitchen appliance, especially with the smaller sized air fryers that are less than 5 quarts. However, even the larger sized 8 or 10.6 quarts air fryers are still considerably small and quite compact and will occupy less space compared to ovens.

Convection ovens are already small, but an air fryer is much more compact. Space requirements for this air fryer are minimal, taking up only a 1-foot cube.

The advantages of their compact size are numerous. As long as you are not using your air fryer, you can store it in a kitchen cupboard and it won’t take up much kitchen counter space.

It does not matter if you live in a small college dorm or an apartment; an air fryer can help you cook nutritious meals on your own. You can use a small bedroom table, desk, or even a kitchen counter for cooking with this appliance.

Using less energy

All things considered, an air fryer is more efficient than using a stove, and they don’t heat your home. If you want to use your air fryer throughout the hot months, you’ll like the fact that the kitchen won’t get too hot.

If you’re worried about your electric bill or trying to keep the house cool during the hot months, you’ll be interested in how effective air fryers are.

Cleaning air fryers is a breeze

Is there anyone who does not dread cleaning up after cooking? Irritatingly, cleaning up after a delicious meal might take away a significant portion of the enjoyment. As a result, you will be glad to know that a high-quality air fryer is also a breeze to clean.

If you clean it after each use, it will only need cleaning on a regular basis, just like any other pot or pan you’ve used. Fill the basket with soapy water and scrub the interior and exterior with a non-scratch sponge. Some air fryer baskets are even dishwasher safe.

Depending on how often you use your air fryer, you should also do a deep cleaning of the entire unit, including the cooking oil, once or twice a month. It is not as time-consuming or difficult as cleaning the oven if you do it on a regular basis.

Air fryers have become increasingly popular in the kitchen over the last couple of years, and for a good reason. Before making a purchase, read customer reviews and think about your own requirements while looking for a model.

A larger unit with more cutting-edge features (and a correspondingly higher price tag) is preferable for some households. A simpler one that can still handle the essentials is sufficient for others.

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Factors to consider when buying air fryers

Air fryers are popular appliances that circulate hot air over food to fry, grill, and cook your favorite meals. It is a highly healthy appliance to purchase because it cooks meals with hot air rather than oil.

A high-speed mechanical fan distributes hot air around the dishes, frying them and creating a crunchy layer. For this reason, you can eat your favorite crispy, fried dishes but with no bad flavors.

The ability to pause

See if the air fryer you’re considering can be set to ‘pause’ for foods that need flipping or stirring. Some models lack a pause setting, which means you must re-set the time and temperature every time you flip or stir, which can be an irritant.

Temperature control

The air fryer’s temperature settings can significantly impact the result. Air fryers cook food well when the temperature is higher than 400°F.

The benefit of higher heat is that food cooks faster. Baked goods and batter coatings can absorb less grease if cooked for a shorter time at a higher temperature.

However, make sure the air fryer has proper control to help you prepare food at the correct temperature. Cooking will be easier with the availability of a built-in timer and indicator lights.

Loading method

You can get an air fryer with front-loading drawers for convenient loading and unloading of delectable foods. Other types come with a flip-top cover.

In general, drawers are the most convenient way to load raw food and the safest way to remove hot dishes.


One of the essential factors to consider when purchasing an air fryer is its capacity and size. Not only can it save you room in your kitchen, but it will also help you store it correctly.

The correct size of this home appliance also depends on how much you use it. For example, a large family will want a larger model.

Power consumption

You must ensure the wattage consumption of your unit is supported by your kitchen outlet. It’s essential that kitchen outlets can handle the 800 to 1500 watts that a regular air fryer needs.

If you add frozen food such as frozen meat or peas to the grease, the more watts the appliance has, the higher temperatures it will reach and the faster it will re-heat the oil.

These kitchen appliances come in a variety of wattage ranges, including up to 1800 watts and more, which gives you the option to select the option that fits your needs


Seek out an air fryer with cool-touch hand-grips and a well-insulated interior. It will help you avoid getting burned while removing the basket.

Second, the machine’s base needs to have an out basket control, a locking lid, and non-slip feet to prevent it from falling over. Make sure the machine has an automatic shut-off to prevent food from overcooking.

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Features of the air fryer

Each air fryer’s features are usually listed on the packaging. Ensure that you read each detail attentively so that you end up with a model that contains the features that you consider to be minimum requirements for your home needs.

Different models are constructed differently; some can cook a variety of meals, while others specialize in specific types of foods. There are other models that have an energy-saving feature, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Consumption of energy

Air fryers with 1500 watts of power can use just 1 unit of electricity each day. If you cook for 30 minutes in an air fryer, the maximum amount of power consumed each day will be half a unit.

It is likely that most homes will end up using the appliance for at least fifteen minutes daily to meet their home cooking requirements. Because most models come with a power rating of fewer than 1500 watts, they use less than half a unit of electricity every day.


It’s also a good idea to look for one that comes with a warranty. Product examination shouldn’t end when you purchase it. You should verify every detail of your new investment until you have completely used it. Therefore, having a long enough warranty to test the product is also important.

Disadvantages of Air Fryers

All appliances that have pros also have cons. It follows that air fryers have disadvantages. What are the main disadvantages of air fryers?

Not convenient for large meals – air fryers have limited capacity, meaning that you can only cook small amounts of food at a time. This means they are not ideal for cooking for large groups, and they are thus cumbersome when catering for a large family.

Air fryers are hard to clean – air fryers have many corners where food remains can hide, thus making them hard to clean. Also, air fryers are not easily washed in a dishwasher and so cleaning by hand is preferred.

Ease of cleaning an air fryer may also vary with the make of your appliance, including how the various components are designed and assembled and whether its parts are dishwasher friendly.

Noisy – depending on the model of your air fryer, you will find that they are quite noisy appliances.

Risk of unevenly cooked meals with air fryers – depending on the quality of your air fryer, there is a risk of bulky foods not cooking evenly and some parts – the food on the outer parts – overcooking while the food in the middle of the basket is under-cooked.

To avoid this, try not to overload your air fryer. Also, you could ensure even cooking by manually stirring / mixing the food after a few minutes of cooking. When using pre-cooked foods like French fries or potato widgets, you need to check if they are cooking evenly to avoid overcooking and mashing of the foods.

Less tasty food – there is a myth that air fryers do not produce food that is as tasty as the food you fry on your pan. Note that we referred to this view as a myth, meaning the opinion on this issue may vary depending on personal taste and also what you are cooking.

Cumbersome / energy inefficient – due to their small capacity, it might be cumbersome and even energy inefficient to cook for large groups as you will need to put in many rounds of the meals into the basket to get everyone covered. You  might find that compared to ovens, even the larger capacity air fryers are still not well suited for hosting large groups of people.

Conclusion on air fryers

Despite the few disadvantages of air fryers mentioned above, they are a useful and versatile kitchen appliance that can promote good health especially if you limit the amount of oil used during cooking.

For sure, the benefits of air fryers far outweigh the negative aspects thus making this a must have kitchen appliance in your home.