An Overview of the Best Kitchen Towel Holder Ideas

Kitchen cloths and towels are important kitchen items. Smoke, dirt, and food remains can occur anytime you are cooking or cleaning dirty utensils. It is best if you clean them up immediately.

If not, you will not be motivated to spend many hours preparing food in your kitchen. When ignored for lots of days, the kitchen can emit a foul odor and be unsafe.

It is therefore important to ensure that kitchen cloths and towels are washed regularly and allowed to dry. It is also critical to ensure that they are well stored during use to prevent them from becoming too dirty, greasy or dump. This is where kitchen towel holders check in.

Of the numerous smaller kitchen accessories, the kitchen dish towel holder is most likely one of the most ignored in terms of styling potential and functionality.

These outstanding accessories can be very functional at the same time, offering your kitchen elegance and style. Whether you want something just for holding the paper towel roll or want something that will add a distinct twist in terms of design fabrication, there’s a choice to suit your needs.

There are 2 major categories of kitchen hand towel holder units;

  • paper towel; and
  • fabric towel holders.

Apart from these two categories, a kitchen towel holder is usually available in a variety of materials, from stainless steel to expensive cherry and oak. With the many choices in the market, they are considered one of the simplest and most versatile accessories to integrate.

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The functionality of the kitchen towel holder

Kitchen towel holders are important for several reasons. One of the top most uses is to preserve your best kitchen towels from aging too fast due to factors such as dampness occasioned by poor storage. Whether using fabric towels, paper towels, or like many, a combination of the two, there’s always a storage issue.

Fabric towel storage:

Most people find it appropriate to keep fabric towels underneath the sink or a few hanging over the stove’s handle.

But for people who want a simple and affordable way of changing the kitchen’s overall appearance by adding towel sets; while at the same time enhancing the usefulness and also easy access to hand towels whenever they are required, a kitchen towel hanger is a great investment.

Paper towel storage:

Currently, these are the most popular and extensively used types of kitchen towel holders out of the two major categories. The major reason for this is the holders’ price and simplicity of paper towels themselves.

As a result, there are lots of choices in the market for those who aren’t enthusiasts of fabric types in a kitchen environment.

These units are more of functionality than styling. But there are lots of designs in the market, which include state-of-the-art designs that integrate paper-saving tech. These appeal to people whose environmentally-friendly conscience is slowing them down for using paper towels.

Kitchen towel holder designs

These holders have lots of different characteristics that get across a product’s styling. But there are 2 main influential characteristics that influence the choice of kitchen towel holders: the design and the material used to make the product.

Kitchen towel holder material

The material of the kitchen towel stand will play a huge role in both the longevity and functionality and also highlighting the holders’ overall design.

Today, iron is the main material used in the paper as well as kitchen towel fabric holders. But there are lots of other materials that are dominant out there.

Some of these materials offer the holder’s longevity and wear and tear-resistant, while others have a hand in the theme and design-specific aspects of the product.

Common materials:

  • Woods: Bamboo, Oak, Cherry, Particle Wood
  • Metals: Brass, Steel, Chrome

Another consideration is the material in which the holder is made is the corresponding finish as well. Both metals and wood come with different finishes that provide unique appearances that do well in specific themes.

Designs of kitchen towel holders: 

Design is another dominating feature of a towel holder with regard to its style. Designs are undoubtedly the most customizable characteristics of these accessories.

You can get designs for almost any theme you can imagine, which include a combination of elements from several different themes.

Designs are mostly of the product’s details, like carvings or riveted patterns that make the product more distinct and help them to match the overall theme.

Magnetic kitchen towel holder

You can make good use of the front of your refrigerator. This holder will stick right to the fridge’s door to let you hang dish towels. You can use a magnetic kitchen towel holder to keep the kitchen towel at hand.

This important accessory has a holder made to help keep the essentials in your kitchen like sandwich bags, cooking spatulas, and much more. These items are space-maximizing and user-friendly.

Kitchen towel bar

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Towels are essential in any modern kitchen. But they require special storage to make sure they are clean and dry at all times. Installing a towel bar is one of the best ways of storing kitchen towels. This will offer you a clean space for hanging the wet towels.

You need to consider some specific factors when installing towel bars. For example, it needs to be strong enough to cope with the wet towels’ weight.

Their decorative effect is another thing to take into consideration of a hanging kitchen towel. Similar to any other kitchen accessory, it has to match with other home decors. They come in various designs you can select from.

Some of these kitchen towel bars are very simple, needing only one metal pipe and fasteners. Others like the ceramic bars are more cutting-edge and will provide your bathroom with a unified appearance.

At times, it isn’t easy to get a suitable area in the kitchen for installing the towel. This is often the case if the walls in your kitchen are completely plastered with tiles. This will make it difficult to install it without resulting in too much damage to your kitchen walls.

When selecting a kitchen cabinet towel bar, it’s essential to get a quality product. This makes sure it will last longer, thus saving you money.

In addition, it’s essential that you select a versatile piece that will match the decor in your kitchen while it maintains its functionality.

Keeping in mind all these factors, ceramic bars can be the best option. They come in different sizes and shapes. In addition, they are a breeze to maintain and clean. They are very durable, thus lasting for many years.

Kitchen towel rack

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A kitchen towel rack is a simple and quick way of adding some style to the kitchen area. Not only are these items an inexpensive alternative to purchasing some of the premium and costlier accessories, but there are also many material and style mixtures to decide on.

Each of these mixtures functions as the ideal complement to the theme of your kitchen. This will help you make savings and let you begin instantly over the need to save up for some of the costlier accessories.


At present, there are many different styles that kitchen towel racks are available. Here are a few popular types:

Swing arm kitchen towel rack

Currently, a swing arm kitchen towel rack is the most popular product in the market in terms of kitchen towel holders. These racks add a modern and unique look, having three or four swing arms that you can maneuver, brought together by a rock-solid base that will easily mount to a wall.

They are available in several different materials, which include black or white plastics, oak, stainless steel, cherry, and chrome.

This unit will help in organizing the kitchen utensils and towels and help in drying out towels sanitarily. When wet napkins, cloths, and towels are closely put together, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. This swing arm rack sorts out this challenge by ensuring the towels dry well.

Considerations while purchasing a swing arm kitchen towel rack

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Material -Metal and plastic

Inexpensive units are those made of a plastic body. However, they will not be as sturdy and durable as a finish of full metal material. It is important that you choose a stainless steel finish since they are anti-corrosive and rust-proof.

The inexpensive types are made of simple plastic. Some of the premium units have a heavy wood or stainless steel material.

Installation: Self-adhesive stickers

Simple self-installation, detachable and reusable. Needs a smooth surface for installation. Suction cups: simple self-installation, detachable and reusable. It needs a smooth surface to install.

Drill and mount: needs tools and is installed in one area permanently. You can mount it on any surface.

Arm strength and length:

Strength: look at the description of the product to see the size of the objects or towels that the arm can hold.

Length: 10 to 15 inches is the best length for hanging items. Anything shorter than that can be a bit inconvenient.

Number of arms:

The more these arms are, the more helpful they will be. You can use any cleaner to wash it apart from acid.

Magnetic fridge racks

These units are an inexpensive and simple choice to some of the premium types. They usually use a magnetic base to stick to the refrigerator. These models provide a straight-lined and clean look, normally having rich plastics in black, grey, or white, among other neutral hues.

Over the cabinet kitchen towel rack

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These normally have one bar, with two hooks draping over a cabinet drawer’s top area. They offer you the chance to put the unit in several different areas to test its functionality and add to the kitchen’s overall flow. Just unfasten from around a cabinet and put on another.

These units mostly have a medium metal material, normally stainless steel.

A kitchen towel rack is a simple, ignored choice in kitchen styling. Usually, it is in a spot in your kitchen where you can spot it easily. This provides them with more authority in adding to and determining the overall theme.

You can also consider adding a kitchen towel rack under sink. This is a better place to hang the towels to dry.

A kitchen towel rack is an essential aspect of both the kitchen’s overall style as well as functionality.

Kitchen towel hooks

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When you are in the kitchen, it is great to have some towels nearby. You never know when you will want to lay something to rest that you do not especially want to sit on the countertop, grasp the handle of a hot thing in the kitchen, or clean a quick spill.

Where do you place the towels when they are in use? Cramming these into a kitchen drawer is not the best choice. And leaving the towels out on the countertop only appears cluttered and will be a hindrance to counter space.

Kitchen towel hooks are simple ways of ensuring kitchen towels are at hand, they are kept dry and free from dampness while keeping the kitchen organized and tidy at the same time.

Kitchen towel hooks come in various styles, ranging from the magnetic hooks which you can stick to your fridge or the self-adhesive ones which you can stick to your wall using an adhesive. Both can work well, as long as they are able to stick well to the surface where they are planted and can carry the weight of the towels placed on them.


Overall, kitchen towel holders offer a simple and inexpensive way of jump-starting your kitchen’s style. Unfortunately, these accessories are outshined by the essential cabinetry and appliances. But they offer an essential functionality and an array of options to apply to any or all styles.