Product Review of Zavor Pressure Cookers and Cuisinart Pressure Cookers

Pressure cooking provides an amazing way of making the best food without lots of effort while trapping in nutrients and juices. The major appeal of this cooking method originates from the fact that cooking is a lot quicker than traditional cooking.

This is ideal for everyone who is always in a rush, needs to do some multi-tasking or is disorganized. If you own an electric pressure cooker, it is easy to set the entire thing up and allow it to get the job done as you do other tasks, though stovetop models do provide more control.

Even when preparing meals at home, it is hard to remember the nutritional advantages of what we cook. Without a doubt, many of the available ingredients can be healthy; however, since we opt to cook them in methods that do not make the most of their advantages, we eventually end up messing up the health benefits of the food altogether.

For example, a convenient and simple way of cooking dishes is by deep-frying them in oil. There is also the perception that deep fried foods are tastier.

However, using all that oil to soak food will strip away nutritional value and leave you with fried, oily food that does not provide you with half of the health benefits of the ingredients.

So, you need to buy a pressure cooker if you want to cook delicious homemade food without compromising on nutrition.

Pressure cookers are designed to ease cooking and ensure each dish you serve from the kitchen provides your loved ones with the best nutritional value.

In this article, we compare two amazing brands of Pressure Cookers and review their features as a way of helping you select the best pressure cookers.

Comparison Table of Zavor and Cuisinart Pressure Cookers

  Item Zavor Pressure Cooker Cuisinart Pressure Cooker
1. Outer Material / Colour Material: Stainless steel

Color: Stainless steel

Material: Stainless steel

Color: Brushed stainless

2. Available Sizes & Models 4.2 Quart, 6.3 Quart, 8.4 Quart,10 Quart 6 Quart, 8 Quart
3. Energy Consumption Save up to 50% energy Save up to 50% energy
4. Type of lid (Glass or not) Stainless steel Stainless steel
5. Temperature Controls No Yes
6. Pricing $80-$270 $99-$150
7. No. of Programs e.g. 7 in 1; Pressure cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, rice cooker etc Programs: High, for  soups, poultry, meats and more, and Low, for delicate foods such as veggies and fish Comes with 12 pre-programmed settings. Some of the settings for warming, simmering, browning, pressure cooking, sautéing
8. Pressure Regulator & Noise Levels Pressure regulator knob is has four positions: High Pressure, Low Pressure, Release, and Clean.

Automatic pressure release system.

No pressure regulator
9. Speed of cooking / energy saving 70% faster while saving energy Reduces cooking time by up to 70%.
10. Warranty 10-year warranty 3-year limited warranty
11. Availability in Stores / Amazon (where to buy) Amazon, eBay and Zavor website Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Cuisinart
12. Other Differences e.g. recipes, types of handles, noise levels? Recipe book with over 50 recipes

Stay-cool automatic locking handle.

Cool-touch side handles

Recipe book included

Zavor pressure cooker

No products found.

The major market for Fagor appliances fell when the Spanish housing crisis began in 2008. Despite personnel relocation, liquidity injections, and austerity measures, increased Asian competition could not be overcome.

Several former staff of Fagor America teamed together to create Market Solutions Group, which will carry on with manufacturing of pressure cookers and other kitchen appliances under a separate company and new name known as Zavor.

The product line has been improved; for example, all of the company’s stovetop pressure cookers now incorporate self-locking mechanisms. Electric multi-cookers are also more intuitive and user-friendly. Since its inception, the firm has introduced one new product: the Lux Edge multi-cooker. This product combines a yogurt maker, rice maker, pressure cooker, and slow cooker in one pot.

Features of Zavor Pressure Cookers

Size and material

Zavor’s electric pressure cookers, which come in 4 quart, 6 quart, 8quart, and 10-quart capacities, are even better.

All Zavor pressure cookers feature stainless steel and come in a variety of attractive designs. They have the best safety features that avoid accidents and over-pressurization.

Fast Food Done Right

Zavor pressure cookers speed up the cooking process by three times, helping to save you energy and time. Even you can prepare an entire chicken in minutes with the larger sizes!


It’s considerably easier than you may think to use a pressure cooker. Fill the pressure cooker with the contents, close the cover, and set the pressure. Begin your cooking time once the pressure has been reached.

More nutritious meals

Food retains its nutritional content and minerals and vitamins when cooked under pressure. This results in food that is healthier and more delectable, and colorful.

Secure & Safe

Contemporary models, such as the DUO, come with the most up-to-date cooking safety measures. The three-point safety system provides maximum convenience and peace of mind.

Safety Features

Automatic Locking System

When pressure builds within, the automatic locking handle will click into place and not open.

The silicone gasket, which is located on the underside of the lid, forms an airtight seal required to develop pressure.

Pressure Indicator

When pressure is attained, the yellow pressure indicator will increase, and when pressure is released, it will fall.

Pressure Regulator

There are four settings on the pressure regulator knob: high pressure, low pressure, release, and clean.

The Zavor Duo Pressure Cooker, for example, is unquestionably one of the most time-saving and multipurpose kitchen appliances available.

Cuisinart pressure cookers

No products found.

These kitchen appliances are among the best on the market. Because of its ease of use and effective way of pressure-cooking food, it’s getting more popular daily.

If you’re new to Cuisinart pressure cookers, you may come by the fact that this model reaches keep warm mode before the conclusion of pressure cook.

Lots of benefits come with a Cuisinart pressure cooker. This appliance will help you retain your foods’ nutrients. It will save cooking time and energy for up to 50 percent.

In addition, the pressure cooker will help you when it comes to food preservation. It’s a healthy method of cooking fast. The pressure cooker is inexpensive and will save gas and electricity bills too.

The Cuisinart pressure cookers are certainly one of the best units for cooking food efficiently, inexpensively and fast. They will also offer you delicious food with little effort.

In addition, this brand works like a steamer, and you can use it for cooking at low and high temperatures. All the flavors and nutrients stay intact as the unit doesn’t change your food’s quality. This kitchen appliance is hassle-free and quite simple to maintain and clean.

Features of cuisinart pressure cookers:

These days, pressure cookers come in many types to help you make your everyday meal. However, do all pressure cookers offer all the features? No, not all models offer the same advantages. Here are some features of this pressure cooker.

Comfortable and safe

The cooker is BPA free that’s why it’s so popular among buyers. The unit is with the best service, so it’s comfy to clean up and use. Because it comes with a three-year warranty, you don’t need to worry in case it malfunctions.

Cold handle

The cooker’s handle will always stay cold, so you will be able to use it safely with no risk of burning. However, at times it may feel slightly hot, which is quite minor, and it often takes place because of hot air close to it. The reason the cooker handle is able to retain cold temperature is because the handle doesn’t transfer any heat from the container.

Power and induction free

This unit runs at 1000 W. It is induction-free as no electricity flows in its whole body. The reason being, it features a plastic body, making this pressure cooker safe to use.

Nonstick utensils

Typically, the meals stick on some models of pressure cookers after cooking. This makes cleaning up the pot much more difficult and time-consuming. Cuisinart pressure cookers are nonstick because there’s no tendency of sticking to any dish even after you cook. This makes it easy to clean up the pot after cooking.

In addition, this cooker comes with a Trivet that’s quite beneficial and with this feature you’ll feel a lot comfier.


Typically, you’ll get a warranty on quality products. And this pressure cooker is backed by a three-year warranty that lets you easily appreciate the quality of this pressure cooker.

Different cooking options

This pressure cooker comes with a push-button that helps you set different cooking programs and options. This button is also user-friendly and is beautiful. You can control sauté, browning, pressure and auto warm setting etc.


The Zavor has additional built-in safety features and a more appealing appearance. If you can afford to spend a few extra dollars on a Zavor, you should do so. Aside from that, you’ll be satisfied with the Cuisinart pressure cooker.

As long as you clean and maintain pressure cookers as required, both brands are durable and will serve you well for many years.