Types of Kitchen Scales and How to Use Them

There are different types of kitchen scales available in the market today. Your choice of scales may be dependent on your taste, the purpose and how much you wish to spend.

Over time, the balance scales which were the first kinds of scales have been replaced with digital scales. However, balance scales are still used by people who enjoy using them or for academic purposes.

Other types of scales such as the hanging scales are preferred because they are portable and can be used when one is traveling or transporting goods e.g., to check if your bags or sacks are of the right weight. Kitchen scales are undoubtedly one of the most important kitchen appliances in a modern kitchen and are useful in both home and commercial kitchens.

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Common Types of Kitchen Scales  

Balance Scales

One of the first forms of weighing scales invented was the balancing scale. They are commonly found as an old sort of kitchen scale and can be found in a variety of kitchens. You can determine an object’s weight by comparing it to a known mass on a balance scale.

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If you’re looking for popular weights, you can pick them up from a store. Because they are so easy to use and can measure any weight, they remain a popular choice. On the other hand, balance scales are out of date because they don’t offer a precise weight reading.

A disadvantage of using balance scales is that you will only receive information on whether the ingredient you are measuring is more or smaller than the known weights.

For example, placing a cup of sugar on one side of the balance and placing a known mass on the other. You add the other side with mass until both are equal. The total mass computed is likely to be incorrect.

Even though balance scales are becoming outdated, they are still commonly used for academic purposes to teach students the basics of a weighing scale.

Digital Scale

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After many years of using a slightly inaccurate weight scale (a balance scale), this digital scale is a breath of fresh air. They are unquestionably a groundbreaking innovation that you can find in virtually every home today.

To put it another way, a digital scale is superior to a balance scale. The reason is that it can accurately measure the weight of the item you place on it. Baking necessitates accurately measured ingredients; thus, this comes in handy. As a result, many bakers choose to use a digital scale.

It’s not simply the best digital scale that can accurately measure weight. You should also be able to clean and store it with ease. Also, the scale’s weighing capacity should be large enough to accommodate huge fish.

In order to ensure optimal visibility, it’s critical to consider features such as an effective back lighting display and a large weighing platform. The measurement should be easy to read, so make sure the digital display is large and well-lit.

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Multi-purpose digital scales are available, making cooking and baking with them easier. A few models offer an automatic shutoff feature that recalls the last weight for 30 to 45 minutes. This helps you keep track of things if the scale shuts off before they are finished.

Since most digital scales are small in size, they easily fit in the kitchen cabinet thus making their storage easy. When it comes to weighing, stainless steel is the best since you can clean it without accumulating rust, making it excellent.

Despite the fact that digital food scales might look like the ideal solution, they might also have a few drawbacks. For instance, a dishwasher can damage these devices. The scale may cease operating completely if it’s run through the dishwasher.

Furthermore, they are battery-operated. In the event of a power outage, you might not be able to recharge the scale, resulting in inconvenience.

Mechanical Scale

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They are also called “spring scales” due to the way they operate. When you place an object on top of the platform, these devices use springs to measure its weight. In order to get an accurate reading, the spring on a scale compresses in the appropriate proportions when you apply force to it.

But the fact that the springs do not always offer accurate measurements is cause for concern. These devices can be inaccurate because compression rates can alter over time, or they may not recover to their previous length, or they may even shatter.

Mechanical scales have the additional drawback of making it more difficult to measure small amounts when compared to bigger models accurately. When using this type of scale that’s made to measure 10 pounds, it will be difficult to measure one ounce instead of one pound.

For example, a small amount can be difficult to discern from the spring’s visual movement for one reason or another. But a large object causes noticeable movement.

However, not all these devices are inaccurate; high-quality ones accurately measure ingredients. However, mechanical types have a high price tag to match.

For those who cannot afford expensive kitchen scales, dry measuring cups are ideal. Dry measuring cups can be more accurate if you use them correctly.

Because these simple devices aren’t susceptible to water damage like many digital scales, some are even dishwasher safe. They are better than electrical models because they do not need an outlet or batteries when it comes to portability.

Large-Scale Capacity

These larger scales are distinguished from their digital or mechanical counterparts because they have a huge detachable bowl. You can enlarge or shrink the bowl to meet your specific requirements.

When purchased with a bigger bowl, these models are referred to as “large capacity scales.” While this may be the case, fixed ones are also available. In most cases, large-capacity digital kitchen scales have fixed countertops.

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Commercial kitchens, such as those in hotels, restaurants, and other businesses, benefit most from the use of these kitchen scales. Scales with a lower capacity can only measure up to 5 pounds. Kitchen scales with a large capacity are different.

These scales can readily measure large weights. You can weigh bigger items easily, whether it’s a bunch of spices or fish.

Having a clear, visible digital display and a large weighing platform makes it simple to weigh the item. It will also be simpler to clean and handle the scale if you have a lot of room.

To make an informed decision about purchasing a large-capacity scale, it’s important to understand its purpose. These models are the ideal option if you frequently measure large things. Make sure you get one with a detachable top, if possible.

Metric System Scale

The meter, liter, and gram are some of the most basic but crucial weight units that come with metric system scales. As a result, you can use these scales to weigh both liquid and non-liquid items. For this reason, they are an indispensable part of any kitchen for baking and cooking.

Hanging Scales

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These models have been used to measure weight for a long time. Most of these devices have a hook on the base from which you can hang an object you want to weigh. Weight is accurately measured with great precision if a weighing item has been fastened to a hook.

The market offers a wide variety of hanging scales, so you don’t have to limit yourself to just one model. For example, not every hanging scale has a bottom hook. Some feature an empty steel dish in which you put a weighing object.

Dishes on several hanging scales are of varying sizes. In most cases, they have a weighing scale ideal for weighing out little amounts. Please be aware that hanging scales make it simpler to determine the weight of small quantities.

However, not all items can be measured using scales with a bottom hook. Fishermen primarily use it to weigh large fish.

Hanging scales work well in a wide variety of settings, from outdoor work to industries to medical labs. This is because of their high accuracy, lifting ability, and portability.

Digital hanging scales and analog hanging scales are the two most common forms of hanging scales. A housing, a face, hooks, and a pan/scoop are all common on digital and analog scales.

They may also have two loops, hooks, or rings. Although they have many similarities, there are also some noticeable distinctions.

Conclusion on Kitchen Scales

Using a kitchen scale is a must for any home cook! Understanding the different types of kitchen scales will help you to make an informed decision in choosing the best kitchen scale.

Kitchen scales provide precise measures and improve the efficiency and precision of baking and cooking. After using one, you’ll wonder how you lived without it, even if it takes up a lot of counter space.

Buying a high-quality kitchen scale and using it to measure things will make you feel more at ease and convenient right away.