How to Select Different Types of Cutlery

In this present day and age, there is a wide range of cutlery options. Thus, homeowners have the privilege of choosing their preferred cutlery type.

Each type of cutlery carries unique advantages and disadvantages. So, before buying any cutlery, it would be best to analyze all your kitchen needs.

Regardless of the type of cutlery you purchase, familiarize yourself with the right tips on how to clean and maintain cutlery to give your cutlery a long life.

In this article, we look at the different types of cutlery and their unique benefits.

Different types of cutlery and their importance

Silver cutlery

Over the years, homeowners have used silver cutlery. Here is why:

Advantages of silvery cutlery

Not only does silver cutlery keep food warm for a long time, but it also keeps food in good condition.

As a matter of fact, research proves that silver cutlery destroys any micro-organisms and microbes present in the food.

Ideal for baby use

Unlike other cutlery materials, silver cutlery is safe for baby use. We all know how babies are sensitive to a lot of things. Not to worry, consider using silver cutlery for your babies.

Lasts for decades

It is rare for silver cutlery to get spoilt. This type of cutlery offers high longevity. Remember, silver does not rust. Thus, it is a lifetime investment.

Moreover, they are user-friendly and give you an easy time during cleaning. Since they are safe, they do not need any form of disinfection after use.

But you can still disinfect silver cutlery if you feel you need to do so. It all depends on your cleaning routine.

Although silver cutlery is much more costly than other types of cutlery, you wouldn’t have to replace them any time soon. So, consider purchasing silver cutlery.

Disadvantages of Silver Cutlery

Silver has a few negative attributes including:

Silver tarnishes over time especially due to interaction with certain foods, which makes it unsightly. To avoid tarnishing, ensure you wash and dry silver cutlery well immediately after use.

Silver with rough and improperly finished edges can be a hazard as it can cause mouth injuries especially to children.

Stainless Steel Cutlery

Stainless steel cutlery advantages

Stainless steel is one of the most common type of cutlery for various reasons.

Durability and strength – stainless steel provides longevity due to its features of being corrosion/rust and impact resistant. This benefit extends to cutlery made out of stainless steel.

Stainless steel cutlery is easy to maintain and wash since it is also dishwasher friendly. Its shiny finish adds to its aesthetic value and ease of maintenance.

Affordable – stainless steel cutlery is generally affordable and its durability also ensures its gives you good value for money.

Disadvantages of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cutlery with higher nickel content may be costlier compared to other types of cutlery.  Nickel adds to corrosion resistance and a shine to stainless steel.

Wooden cutlery

Another type of cutlery is wooden cutlery. Wooden cutlery is widely used among the majority of homeowners. Wooden cutlery has both pros and cons.

Advantages of wooden cutlery

Below are some of the benefits offered by wooden cutlery.

  • Environmentally friendly: Wooden cutlery is environmentally friendly. You cannot compare them with metal cutlery. So, if you are passionate about the environment, wooden cutlery would be your best option. When it comes to disposing of wooden cutlery, you need not worry about the environment.
  • Safe for use: Unlike other types of cutlery, wooden cutlery does not contain any sharp edges. Thus, they boost safety. Also, wooden cutlery has no space to accommodate any microbes since they have no defined corners. Consequently, they boost your health and immunity system.
  • Offers aesthetic benefits: Wooden cutlery offers an architectural yet classy look in your kitchen. Several homeowners hang them on the wall or their kitchen cabinets. In turn, they are more likely to boost your kitchen’s aesthetics, especially if you have an antique design kitchen.
  • Garden Compost: When you have old wooden cutlery, you can dispose of them in your garden. This way, you make compost for your garden.

Disadvantages of Wooden Cutlery

Despite the benefits of wooden cutlery listed above, it also has its downsides. These include:

  • Wooden cutlery is absorbent and hence can take in moisture and flavors from food.
  • Its absorbent nature makes it harder to clean and maintain. You have to ensure you wash it well and allow it to dry in order to keep it clean and sanitary.
  • Wooden cutlery is not as long lasting as its metal counterparts, though it will still serve you for a decent amount of time, a couple of years if well maintained.

Plastic Cutlery

Advantages of plastic cutlery

One of the most popular cutlery is plastic cutlery. This type of cutlery is well known for its affordability.

Almost every homeowner can afford plastic cutlery. Thus, you’ll never miss plastic cutlery in 99% of households. Which benefits does plastic cutlery offer?

Less costly

On average, plastic cutlery can cost as low as $10 for a large number of pieces.

So, if you have a commercial restaurant that is just starting, consider purchasing plastic cutlery.

They will save you a great deal of money yet offer the same functionality.

Also, if your restaurant business is not doing quite well, try minimizing your expenses by purchasing plastic cutlery.

Offers convenience

Indisputably, plastic disposable cutlery is ideal if you have a large number of people. I mean, who has the time to wash over 100 plates?

Even if you have a dishwasher, the convenience of disposable cutlery is much higher than washing plastic cutlery.

Washing a large pile of plates costs you time and effort. Often, plastic cutler is disposable; thus, you discard them after use.

Plastic cutlery is, therefore, perfect for hosting large events at your home.

Disposable cutlery

Over the years, disposable cutlery has become more common. People are now embracing the thought of using disposable cutlery more than ever especially for events such as parties.

Benefits of disposable cutlery

Let’s look at why you should consider using disposable cutlery.

  • Offer maximum safety: With disposable cutlery, you rest assured that there are no microorganisms on the plate or the spoon that may occur due to poor washing or storage of cutlery.  You use disposable cutlery only once. So, at no point will there be a risk of contamination if the cutlery is properly handled.
  • Less bulky: Disposable cutlery is easy to carry and transport. Thus, if you are hosting a large number of guests, these are the best to use.
  • Accessibility: You can always find disposable cutlery almost everywhere at any store. Thus, they can help you when you are looking for cutlery urgently. Unlike silver cutlery, you don’t have to spend a lot of time shopping. All you have to do is visit the nearest store or supermarket and get your disposable cutlery.

Disadvantages of disposable cutlery

Damage to the environment – disposable cutlery, especially when not made from environmentally friendly material can be harmful to the environment due to the large number of wastes you are churning out.

Edible Cutlery


Edible cutlery is environmentally friendly and sustainable especially because it does not contribute to the increase in plastics and is made of bio-degradable material.


Edible cutlery can get ingested by users. Thus, they are safe and environmentally friendly. Instead of you disposing of cutlery now and then, consider purchasing edible cutlery.

Most edible cutleries contain sorghum, wheat, and rice. Thus, they can be surprisingly delicious. Besides, if you have children, they will enjoy using such cutlery.

Offer amazing functionality

One of the best things about edible cutlery is that they offer the same functionality as other cutlery types. Thus, they can be forks, plates, and spoons.

Additionally, they offer high longevity. Expect to stay with edible cutlery for more than two years.

So, even though they contain food ingredients, you can stay with them for as long as one and a half years. But always check the expiration date of the edible cutlery.

They are mouthwatering and healthy

The ingredients that make up edible cutlery make it delicious. While some contain wheat and sorghum, others may be sweet or savory.

However, note that they do not interfere with the flavor of your food.

Boost your health

Aside from being delicious, they are healthy. The ingredients making up edible cutlery contain rich nutrients that boost your energy and maintain healthy calorie levels.

Disadvantage of edible cutlery

Not widely used – not many people know about edible cutlery and it is also not easily available in many places.

Limited durability – edible cutlery is easily damaged especially when using it with solid foods or incase of poor handling.

Selecting the right material

Your needs will determine the right materials to get for your cutlery. Often, people choose a meta-based choice, with the most common being stainless-steel.

However, you can also look for copper flatware and the ones created with a mixture of metals.

The advantages of using a metal knife or fork or whole flatware set will depend on its ease of clean up and durability.

Metal sets are fortified to prevent rust, and though these can be costlier than other choices, they are the common kind found in homes globally.

Some people prefer wooden; however, often only for serving spoons and forks and salads.

You definitely would not want a knife created with wood unless you want to use it for decoration.

The reason being, this type of knives aren’t as dishwasher proof and hygienic as the regular kinds of metal cutlery.

Tips to remember while buying kitchen cutlery

  • Have enough cutlery stock as a backup in the event of an accident.
  • Purchase durable kitchen cutlery that will last years. Go for stainless steel.
  • Purchase lightweight cutlery for children.
  • Ensure it is comfortable to handle the kitchen cutlery. Make sure you try it before you purchase.
  • Aside from the regular spoon set, knife and fork, choose what else is important depending on the food you serve. For instance, Purchase seafood forks if you serve seafood.

In summary

Currently, there are numerous types of cutlery. Each of them offers unique benefits to users.

Some of the cutlery present today include silver, disposable and plastic cutlery. Always choose your preferred type of cutlery based on your needs.

For instance, if you have a baby, consider using silver cutlery due to safety and quality. On the flip side, if you have a large party, consider purchasing disposable cutlery.

Needless to say, always consider your budget before purchasing any cutlery.