How to Store Cutlery in your Kitchen


As a homeowner, you cannot afford to have an untidy kitchen. I mean, this is the place where you prepare all your meals and store all your foodstuffs.

So, you should ensure that you maintain a neat and clean kitchen. One of the ways to do this would be to store your cutlery well. This way, you won’t have utensils lying around every part of your kitchen.

Besides, storing your cutlery well promotes the durability and functionality of your cutlery. As a result, you won’t have to spend thousands on replacing your cutlery.

How do your store cutlery in your kitchen?

In this article, we look at how to store cutlery in your kitchen to ensure you have a neat and clutter free kitchen.

Create more storage space

The first step would be to evaluate all your kitchen drawers and cabinets. Then, separate all the necessary and unnecessary items.

Discard all the items you do not use and the items you use. We all know how we can store items that we have not used for years.

So, create more kitchen space by getting rid of all the items you do not use in your kitchen.

While it may not be easy to get rid of some items due to their sentimental value to you, it is recommended that you do so if you want to have order in your kitchen.

Read out the following kitchenhandsdown resources that will help you to discard what you do not need.

Check out our tips on why you should declutter your kitchen; how to declutter your kitchen; decluttering your kitchen cupboards and how to declutter items with sentimental value.

Evaluate the available storage space

Afterward, take a good look at your available storage space. This way, you will manage to know how to organize your entire kitchen cutlery.

Although you may spend some hours doing this, it will help you be more organized. Also, if you notice that some of your kitchen cutlery won’t fit, you might consider creating more storage space.

It would be much easier in the long run if you know the space you have available from the beginning.

If your kitchen is petite which means you do not have the luxury of extra space, it is even more critical that you learn beforehand how to properly store cutlery in a small kitchen.

Vertical cutlery storage

Consider going vertical. You can store your cutlery in drawers containing vertical cutlery bins. Such spaces are good for storing any cutlery that has long handles.

Moreover, it makes the cutlery much more accessible. If your kitchen drawers do not have vertical cutlery bins, you can install them using a DIY project.

Alternatively, you can contact a professional. Not only do vertical cutlery bins help you access your cutlery easily, but they also offer maximum protection.

Additionally, you make good use of your drawer space by installing vertical bins. Consequently, you would be able to store a lot of cutlery.

Use of drawer dividers to store cutlery

Make good use of drawer dividers. Aside from installing vertical bins in your drawers, you can use drawer dividers.

Doing this helps you create extra space for cutlery in your drawers. It would be best if you came up with your drawer or shelf dividers since you are the one who knows the correct measurements of your drawer.

Buying shelf dividers from local stores is risky since they may not fit your drawer after all.

You can use a standard board to come up with the perfect dividers for your shelves and drawers.

Put in place kitchen organizer trays in your drawers

Suppose you plan on storing your cutlery in your drawers, create trays. In particular, if you have deep drawers, put in place trays that help your store cutlery.

The best thing is that you can customize your trays to match your drawer design. You can always conduct a DIY project on this.

But if you are clueless, it would be best to hire someone to layer your tray organizers. You can also find ready-made organizer trays from the supermarket.

Before purchasing ready-made organizer trays, ensure that you know the correct measurements of your drawers, the cutlery you intend to store and pick out a durable and attractive material.

When should you organize the cutlery drawer?

If a full-scale kitchen remodeling is in your mind, you should not wait until after renovating before you consider your organizational needs.

Focus on how you would like to store the utensils and cutlery at the start.

This will help a lot in making sure you have the best results.

Attach a cubby above your kitchen counter

Consider installing a cubby a few inches above your kitchen counter. A kitchen cubby would help you save on kitchen space since you will attach this feature to the wall.

Additionally, a cubby will boost your kitchen’s aesthetics. Luckily, you can customize it to fit your requirements.

It gives you the option of using the most suitable color and design when constructing a cubby.

Besides, it can hold each cutlery unit in its slot. This feature protects your cutlery from rubbing against each other. In turn, it boosts the durability of the cutlery.

Select the most suitable cubby size that can hold your entire extra cutlery.

Install hanging rails

If you don’t mind your cutlery being in the open, install hanging rails.

You can put in place hanging rails almost anywhere in your kitchen; it could be underneath your kitchen island or on your kitchen walls.

It’s simple. All you have to do is find the most suitable rails. Then, fix them firmly on your kitchen walls or wherever you want them to be.

Then, attach strong S-hooks to them and hang your cutlery. Storing your cutlery on hanging rails enables you to access them easily while cooking.

Additionally, depending on your kitchen’s décor, they can play a huge role in boosting your kitchen’s aesthetics.

Install hanging rails for any extra cutlery that doesn’t fit on the drawers or cabinets.

Pegboard Hooks

You can also go for the option of attaching a pegboard to your kitchen wall. Pegboards are a great way to store your cutlery.

They offer a lot of space for different types of cutlery. Not to mention, you can always customize your pegboards to match your requirements.

For instance, you can select an architecturally designed pegboard to complement your kitchen area’s subtle colors.

Hanging your cutlery on a pegboard also makes them very reachable. Thus, when cooking, you won’t have to struggle to look for your cutlery.

However, when placing your cutlery on your pegboard, ensure they do not rub against each other. Otherwise, they would experience corrosion.

Have you thought of using a jar?

Besides storing flowers and other home items, mason jars can help you store some of your cutlery.

All you have to do is purchase one at a very low cost. You can find them for as low as $15 on Amazon.

When using mason jars, place the cutlery upright. Consequently, this reduces the chances of them rubbing against each other.

Should I get rid of extra cutlery?

Before you can even think about how you will rearrange the cutlery storage, you should dispose of what you don’t need.

Drawers often are a magnet for all manner of unused cutlery items and kitchen tools.

Think wisely about which things you regularly use, and dispose of the rest by donating or giving family and friends.

If you are short on ideas on now to dispose of your excess cutlery or other dishes, read about how to get rid of kitchen clutter.

Unused items in your drawer will simply add to the mess and mental strain.


There is a wide range of ways you can use to store your cutlery. But it would be best if you considered the safety of your cutlery first.

Luckily, there are many other well researched and interesting resources available which can offer you practical and DIY tips on how to store cutlery.

Regardless of the storage space you choose, ensure that your cutlery is free from moisture and other utensils.

Preferably, store each cutlery unit in its slot. So, make good use of drawer dividers and trays.

Incorporating the correct storage cutlery methods helps in boosting the longevity of the cutlery.

Thus, you won’t have to spend much on repairing and replacing your cutlery in the long run.