Product Review of GoWISE Pressure Cookers and Mueller Pressure Cookers


One of the most popular cooking appliances globally is the pressure cooker. This appliance was invented for easy and fast cooking, objectives it has achieved with ease.

Cooking in a cooker will help preserve all the essential nutrients and eliminate all the dangerous organisms. The flavors and taste are well locked in a pressure cooker.

In this article, we compare two pressure cookers to see what each has to offer. However, you can also read a broader product review and buyers guide of pressure cookers on kitchenhandsdown.

Comparison Table for GoWISE and Mueller Pressure Cookers

  Item GoWISE Pressure Cooker Mueller Pressure Cooker
1. Outer Material / Colour Material: Stainless steel

Color: Silver

Material: MU-ULTPOT

Color: Slate Grey

2. Available Sizes & Models 3-4 Quart, 6 Quart, 8-10quart, 12-14 Quart. 6 Quart
3. Energy Consumption / Saving Save up to 50% energy Save up to 50% energy
4. Type of lid (Glass or not) Stainless steel Tempered glass
5. Temperature Controls None Yes
6. Pricing $78-$120 $99
7. No. of Programs e.g. 7 in 1; Pressure cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, rice cooker etc 12 in 1 pressure cooker.

12 cooking programs

Cooking programs include sauté, yogurt, steam, bean/chili, meat/stew, Multigrain, rice, slow cook, egg maker, soup, poultry, and porridge.

10 in 1 pressure cooker.

15 preset smart programs.

Cooking programs include Canning, steam, slow cook, Multi-Grain, and sauté. Cake, pressure cook (Manual setting), beans/chili, yogurt, broth/soup, meat/stew, rice, egg, poultry, oatmeal.

8. Pressure Regulator & Noise levels Has special release pressure button Microprocessors adjust heating intensity, temperature, monitor pressure and temperature.
9. Speed of cooking Cooking time is up to70 percent shorter Cooking time is up to70 percent shorter
10. Warranty 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty 2 year limited warranty

Covers defects due to normal wear and tear, material, or workmanship

11. Availability in Stores / Amazon (where to buy) Amazon, Walmart, eBay and the GoWISE products website Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Mueller website
12. Other Differences e.g. recipes, handles? Has 50 Starter pressure cooker recipes, so you can get cooking delicious recipes immediately.

Stainless-steel with cool touch handles.

Made in USA

Comes with 30 health-friendly and delicious recipes.

Heat resistant handles

Made in Austria

GoWISE Pressure cooker

No products found.

The GoWISE pressure cooker will replace your yogurt maker, slow cooker, and rice cooker with one user-friendly appliance.

There are sixteen integrated Smart Programs, twelve cooking choices with preset times for cooking your meal to excellence: Egg Maker, Poultry, Bean/Chili, Soup, Porridge, Rice, a manual time setter, Slow Cook, Sauté, Meat/Stew, Steam, Multigrain, and Yogurt.

The cooker features a self-locking lid that’s made of stainless steel. The cool-touch handles ensure that your hands stay safe from burns. The GoWISE pressure cooker comes with an automatic keep-warm setting and a delay timer.

A pressure cooker uses high-pressure for cooking quicker compared to traditional cooking. Because the cooking time is up to 70 percent shorter, more minerals and vitamins are retained in the dishes.

Who will benefit most from the GoWISE pressure cooker?

This appliance is for busy people and families who would like home-cooked food in less time. Get rid of the need for takeout pizza shops and fast food.

Did you forget to remove something from the refrigerator for dinner? You can place frozen meat into this appliance and still have your meal in a short time.

Pros of GoWISE Pressure Cookers:

  • Easy pre-set buttons make cooking food simpler
  • This cooker will help save money, energy, and time
  • Has yogurt pre-set and hardboiled egg pre-set that most other models don’t have
  • Costs less than similar models with the same quality

Cons of GoWISE Pressure Cookers:

  • Steaming green beans and broccoli does not work well
  • Doesn’t have instructional manual and recipe book

How do you purchase the GoWISE pressure cooker?

Are you always stressed out thinking about looking for the best GoWISE pressure cooker? Are there any doubts in your mind? Here are a few things to consider before buying.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews on the various websites where this product is sold such as Amazon and the gowiseproducts website are a useful source of insight.

Customer reviews provide you with detailed and first-hand information from real users about their experience with the pressure cooker.

Brand value

Each GoWISE cookware brand comes with a value all its own. Many brands provide some unique selling proposition, which is supposed to bring to the table something different compared to their competitors.

One of the greatest value propositions for this pressure cooker is the many programs it offers, a variety of sizes, a copper version and quite a number of recipes to start with.


You should consider what essential features you would want in a pressure cooker and check these against what a GoWISE pressure cooker offers. The comparison table above is a good and easy starting point in assessing the features

Product reliability

How durable and sturdy this cooker is should be a sign of how long it will last.

Mueller pressure cooker

No products found.

Mueller is one of the most trustworthy brands available for kitchenware. Have you been cooking for long? If yes, then you know what it means to have that pressure cooker in your kitchen. This appliance makes things much simpler and reduces the cooking time with utmost convenience.

However, what is essential is that you should buy a model that’s right and provides you with an amazing set of features.

In the market, as soon as you begin to shop, you are bound to come by an array of cookers that have different aspects and features.

You can use a pressure cooker for different purposes to suit your needs. Consider roasting your beef or making rice in it based on the type of cooker you have invested in.

The Mueller pressure cooker has lots of features and lets you cook an array of meals fast. This is an amazing kitchen appliance that will let you cook an array of meals fast. The Mueller pressure cooker is one of the best, most amazing programmable models in the market.

Mueller has used cutting-edge manufacturing technology to design this pressure cooker. This makes it one of the reasons why it emerged so amazing.

The insert boiler is created with healthier, top-quality components, and it lets the user cook an array of food every day.

The Instant Pot by Mueller’s overall design and construction is outstanding. It has a strong, sturdy base with a heat-resistant handle. This means you do not need to worry about getting burnt while you are busy cooking.

This cooker has an LCD that lets you keep an eye on all the activity happening in real-time.

The cooker comes with a number of features like different pressure adjustments or keeps the dishes warm. This will let you get the tenderness and consistency you require in your food.

Another amazing thing about the Instant pot by Mueller is that it functions very well for newbies at cooking. If you have at no time used a cooker before, fret not as the Mueller model has got you covered.

In addition, you get several extra accessories with is an appliance. You can measure the rice or conveniently steam up the food using these utensils and maximize your cooking experience.

It comes with a durable interior cooking pot made of stainless steel, so you get healthier food for yourself and your loved ones.

Choosing a Mueller pressure cooker

Here are some considerations when looking for a Mueller pressure cooker.


You should also take into consideration the pressure cooker’s functionality before buying it. This pressure cooker’s performance often depends on its specifications. The more sophisticated the specifications, the greater the functionality.


The other essential factor you should take into consideration when purchasing this kitchen appliance is the brand. Different merchants sell different brands, and it’s essential to know each kind of brand to make the best decision.


One of the most important factors to take into consideration when purchasing this cooker is the price. It goes for about $99 which is fair considering it is a 10-in-1 with other useful features like a glass lid. There is nobody who does not want to get high-quality products are affordable prices.


Your newly bought pressure cooker can serve you and your loved ones for years to come. It’s essential that you look for the best one in the market. Have enough money and buy a costly but better brand.

It is good to stay away from bargain pressure cookers. If you purchase an inexpensive, used cooker, you risk having to purchase another one some years later.

The one-time investment you’ve made will yield results fast by saving you the precious time you can spend with your family and minimizing bills.

There are many options out there for pressure cookers. This comparison article of two pressure cookers is not only useful for purposes of comparing these two products, but is a good place to start in narrowing down on your choice of pressure cookers