A Buyers Guide of the Best Kitchen Towels

Every home needs a kitchen towel, and often more than one and more than one type. It is one of those basic multi-functional items that every home requires.

You will find that even with the option of the very convenient disposable kitchen paper towels/rolls which are becoming increasingly affordable, most homes still retain use of the original fabric kitchen towel.

This is because the disposable paper towels are ideal for some functions like wiping spillages but not others like handling hot pots and pans or drying dishes.

Kitchen clothes therefore remain irreplaceable as they can handle tasks that paper towels cannot. They are also more affordable as they are re-usable.

Kinds of kitchen towels

Kitchen towels are available in 3 kinds that are ideal for different tasks. These are:

Tea towels

These are great for drying items; however, they are different from dish towels. You can use these towels to dry foods and remove too much moisture from foods, so the towels should be woven firmly. In addition, they do not have to be aesthetically appealing as their purpose is doing hard and sometimes dirty work and not looking gorgeous.


These towels are made shorter to help dry hand-washed crockery and cutlery. Because their work is drying items, they have to feature absorbency and must dry quicker as well.

Chef towels

These are totally different from the earlier kinds. Chefs use Chefs Towels for three reasons:

  • Grasping hot dishes and pans
  • Cleaning up worktops, and, finally
  • Wiping knives after chopping

These towels are bigger than other types.

Drying mat

This type isn’t actually a towel; however, it functions as an alternative to a drying dish towel. This is a type of mat that will help in absorbing water from wet dishes. You only have to put the dishes on the mat.

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The many uses of kitchen towels

Kitchen towels are some of the most used items in each kitchen home. Because of their high absorbing capacity, kitchen towels are normally used for wiping dishes and other utensils. Another popular thing that every kitchen experiences frequently is spillage. The kitchen towels are the best way of absorbing the spillage.

All pan handles aren’t heat resistant, and the kitchen towel or dish towel helps handle the hot cookware. Usually, the containers we come into contact with while cooking becomes stained. Using the kitchen towel to do a quick wipe gets rid of all stains from the surfaces in the area.

Above all, these towels ensure your hands stay clean and dry while you cook. Very beneficial while hosting parties, the kitchen towel features several advantages in a home.

Factors to consider when purchasing kitchen towels

There are some certain characteristics you need to take into consideration when looking for a new kitchen towel:


Most towels are white; however, they come in different choices when it comes to accents like stripes. The color will depend on the intended purpose of the towel. If you feel a white kitchen towel will be hard to maintain, you can go for a darker color.


While you certainly want functional towels, they serve a dual purpose as your kitchen decor, so the style is essential. Textured, monogrammed, or plainare only some of the available choices.

Resistant to wrinkles

You still need the towels looking great when not using them, don’t you? Towels resistant to wrinkles will always look tidy and pressed even after coming straight from the dryer, after heavy usage.


Due to their regular usage and constant washing, whether by hand or machine, the kitchen towels should be durable to enable them withstand the constant handling and washing.

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How to purchase the best kitchen towel 

If you have experienced the disappointment of purchasing a bad towel, you know what components go into the best kitchen towel. For those who have not bought a towel, there’s a high chance you won’t get the correct one.

To ensure you make the best investment, here are factors that make the best kitchen towel:

Dry fast

Do not get a towel that makes you wait a few hours to dry; you require something that dries quickly so you can use it regularly. Having said that, it isn’t possible to know how quickly a towel dries without first making use of it. Also, a heavier towel is likely to take longer to dry than a lighter one.

It’s best to get popular brands. Trustworthy brand towels have all the perfect features. Sometimes, the packaging comes with a drying time label.


You should use kitchen towels to clean up spillage, and so if the towel has bad absorbency, it will just create more mess rather than minimizing it. Absorbency is an essential kitchen towel feature, and you shouldn’t compromise on this factor.


To get a towel that will clean and not create messes, it’s best that you choose those that are easy to wash in the dishwashing machine. Or else, you’ll have to spend many hours cleaning up the kitchen towels.

In addition, get lint-free types, and there are 3 main reasons you need to do that:

  1. It can be difficult sticking the kitchen towel into the dryer or washing machine as there’s a greater chance the loose fabric can clog it up.
  2. When cleaning up crockery, cutlery, or other items, loose fabrics may stick to them when the towels run over them.
  3. After a few uses, these kinds of towels often become thinner, making them unusable.

Tips to help keep towels in the best shape

You already have purchased the best towel and are wondering how you can ensure they stay in great shape. Here are tips to help you care for your kitchen towels.

  • Do not leave damp towels in the dishwasher. Always move them to the drying machine or hang them outside to dry.
  • Soaking the kitchen towels in a solution of baking soda, vinegar, and warm water to neutralize bad smells and leave them smelling fresh.
  • Hanging wet towels to let them dry between uses.
  • Throw away kitchen towels showing wear and tear.
  • Launder kitchen towels frequently
  • Reading and adhering to care directions

Types of kitchen towels material

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There are many kinds of fabrics you can use to make the best towels. Rayon, linens, microfiber, bamboo, and much more are all great fabrics you can use for attaining your objective.

Microfiber kitchen towels

This kind of fabric for kitchen towels is quite new when it comes to using it for making towels. It’s created with polyamide and polyester in the ration of 80 to 20 respectively, and other fibers as well.

Usually, these towels aren’t as soft as the other choices you can make. Microfiber is a great choice for kitchen towels as its strong and durable, easy to clean, and dries quickly.

Another great microfiber characteristic is that it’s great at absorbing oil and grease.

Bamboo fabric kitchen towels

Bamboo is a material that is quickly gaining popularity even for its flexibility and versatility. This is the best material to use when making your unique towel set. The reason being, the different shades that come with this fabric will provide a designer touch to your towels.

Also, bamboo is soft and durable. Apart from being silkier and fluffier than cotton, the material becomes softer the more you use it.

Additionally, bamboo fabric often resists fungus and germs, making it a healthier material for kitchen towels.

Cotton kitchen towels

This is a must-have fabric for anything you want to create. Cotton can deal with drying duties and also cleaning tasks. It is available in an array of varieties so that you can purchase your preferred towel material.

In addition, you can find cotton in different designs, colors, and thicknesses to suit your kitchen needs. It is also a durable and simple clean-up.

Linen kitchen towels

This is a great option, particularly for smaller towels such as tea towels. Linen is very absorbent and also strong. The fabric is easy to clean and look after, which helps them stay clean for long.

Then this material is available in an array of designs and colors so you can make the kitchen and other areas where you hang the towels look great. The best news is you can get the best linen material at fairly cheap prices.

The downside with linen is that it is capable of forming wrinkles easily, which means you sometimes need to press it to keep it looking appealing.

An overview of a few kitchen towel brands

Selecting the best Williams-Sonoma kitchen towel

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Here are a few things you should take into consideration when selecting the best Williams-Sonoma kitchen towel:


You should take into consideration your towel’s functionality before buying it. Any Williams-Sonoma kitchen towel’s functionality will depend on the specifications it has. The more intricate the specifications are, the higher the towel’s functionality.

Brand specifications

The brand specifications is the other essential factor to take into consideration when purchasing this brand. Different merchants sell different specifications of this brand, and it’s essential to know each brand specification type to choose one that will suit your needs. The price may vary depending on the specs.


This is one of the most essential factors to take into consideration when purchasing Williams-Sonoma kitchen towels. We all want to have high-quality products and affordable prices. Online shopping will help you compare prices from different merchants on the best one to suit your needs.

Norwex kitchen towel

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Are you fed up with abrasive clean up solutions? Does it leave a film of broken-down chemicals, grime, and dirt dried on the countertop as soon as the water evaporates?

Many cloths and towels only push the dirt around and get damp quickly. This is not the case with Norwex kitchen towels which are lint-free and scratch-free. They will not harm fragile surfaces such as crystal and are outstanding for drying dishes.

A Norwex kitchen towel totally dries surfaces and thoroughly cleans up countertops using just water. You should use it damp for cleaning up smudges, grime, grease, and much more.

You should use these towels dry for absorbing moisture or attracting dirt and dust and trap it inside. These towels are great for an array of surface tasks.

The towel works well on all kinds of hard surfaces, which include china, wood, granite, glass, enamel, tile, marble, chrome, ceramic, and stainless steel.

Kate spade kitchen towel

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Contemporary and classic meet in this go-for towel. Ideal for use during cooking preparation or cleaning, this Kate spade kitchen towel will certainly spruce up the kitchen. This kitchen towel with branded kitchen towel sayings can be good to give to friends as gifts.

Rooster kitchen towel

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There are a range of kitchen towels that come printed with a Rooster design.

Rooster kitchen towel is a superb lint-free 100 percent cotton towel, which is a good way of saving on paper towel waste. You can depend on these towels to cover the dough while it rises, to clean up kitchen countertops and windows.

It is printed using eco-friendly water-based solvents and inks. You can also gift a funny kitchen towel to your favorite home chef or use your favorite inside jokes to design your tea towel. Kitchen towel embroidery designs will add an immediate upgrade to any dish or kitchen towel.

Kitchen towel scarf

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Do you often toss a towel over the shoulder while cooking? Then this kitchen towel scarf will suit your needs.

The fabric will hang around your neck, and there’s an absorbent towel on each side of this towel’s end. The towels also fit on your waist, where you require them most. You can grasp a hot dish or pan, wipe the countertop, even wipe your hands.

You can wear it like a scarf around the neck. It will keep hand towels within reach and offers a simple alternative to an apron.

Put it on as you cook and you can use it for drying dishes, grabbing hot pots, wiping your hands, or baking sheets. Created in high-quality cotton fabric, cotton loop at the neck for hanging this towel when you’re not using it.

While chopping, sautéing, baking, or grilling, ensuring this scarf is over your shoulder will make your cooking endeavors much simpler.

Kitchen towel with button

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This towel has clearly written directions, a video tutorial, and a free pattern. It will also make a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

This simple sewing pattern can allow you to create colorful kitchen towels. Once you master how to make these towels, you will never have to look for kitchen towels that match the kitchen again.

In addition, these make the best Christmas or housewarming gifts. Everyone likes kitchen towels, and when you can hang them from the fridge or stove, it is even better. You will always want to have one within easy when doing kitchen chores.

These towels can loop around handles or drawers in the kitchen, so they are always within reach. The button will help your kitchen towel stay in place, meaning you will not have to worry about the towels unintentionally falling to the ground.

You can use these lovely towels to add a pop of color to your room and ensure the kitchen stays clean and aesthetically appealing. Because they’re entirely customizable, you can make them match any room perfectly from the fabric’s length and button sizes and colors.

KitchenAid towel

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Ideal for personal use, bridal registry, and gift offering, KitchenAid offers the ideal kitchen essentials. A KitchenAid towel can come in handy during your everyday kitchen chores, from serving as a kitchen towel to playing the role of oven mitts. In addition, this towel is the best addition to the kitchen decor.

KitchenAid offers a range of turquoise kitchen towels. Whether you’re shopping for a turquoise kitchen towel that is able to mix and match styles, materials, colors, or you are looking for a towel with a unique feature, you can get the best piece in the market.