Kitchen Odor Eliminators and Air Purifiers

The odor that comes from the kitchen will sometimes be overwhelming, since it is often a mixture of different smells from strong spices, food leftovers fruits and vegetables that are going bad and dirty water from your sink.

For your comfort and that of your loved ones and guests, it is important to always keep your kitchen clean and sanitized since kitchen odors are unpleasant and may negatively affect your food appetite.

Also, such odors could be an indication that the levels of sanitation in your kitchen are wanting, which could then pose a health risk to you, your loved ones or even to employees who work in your house.

It is therefore essential to keep the kitchen clean not only for the comfort and pleasure that a clean kitchen offers, but also for health reasons.

Besides your bathroom, your kitchen is the next area of your house that is most likely to emit odors and pollutants.

The smells and other unpleasant discharges could be from the process of food storage and preparation, cooking, cleanup of utensils and garbage handling.

For this reason, there’s a high possibility of mold growing in different corners around the kitchen.

This may cause nasty odors and pollution from bacteria and germs in the air. Contaminants originating from open flames of the gas will also add to air pollution.

There are different techniques to use for preventing or getting rid of harmful contaminants and kitchen smells from the gas stove.

Some use sprays or perfumed candles. However, these may add toxins to the atmosphere rather than getting rid of them.

To effectively eliminate nasty odors in the kitchen, you need to think about the best kitchen air purifier for odors.

Who should use a kitchen odor eliminator/air purifier?

Keeping smells away is an essential job when you’re managing your home kitchen or even fast-food chain, eatery or a restaurant. Here are the ideal uses an odor eliminator/air purifier.

  • Hospital kitchens (or areas with seniors or lots of kids)
  • Fast-food chains and restaurants
  • Homes with numerous visitors

Features to consider in odor eliminators / air purifiers

To get the ideal odor eliminator for your home, there are some features you should take into consideration while searching and before purchasing the equipment.

This is to make sure that the item you select will do its work and provide you with value for your hard-earned money.

There are 3 important features you should consider in smell removing products; these include.


The simplest odor eliminators you can use include packet, air and gel purifiers. These are good for the house as they do not need lots of effort to operate.

The air purifiers, for example, just require plugging them in and turning them on. In case of a clear filter; however, you have to replace the filters.

Packet and gel odor removers just require to be placed in a strategic location in the room and they will work automatically.

Most people who use odor removers don’t like using the spray eliminators. The reason being, they often need reapplication to the smell source, which takes time.

2. Scent

Smell removers are usually perfumed with active organic ingredients for freshening the air in your house.

Although they do not mask smells, they have natural scents that do not cause any type of allergies or affect the nose.

Some popular scents among odor eliminators include citrus, eucalyptus, sandalwood, lavender, etc. For people with allergies or who are sensitive to scents, you can buy unscented odor eliminators.

3. Ingredients 

Knowing about the ingredients used to make your odor eliminator is important. Typically, these are products featuring several active ingredients, which get rid of smells and help in freshening up the air within your house.

Odor eliminators are different from air fresheners in the sense that while fresheners hide or mask the existing odors, odor eliminators get rid of the smell completely. This leaves your kitchen and house with fresh, clean air.

It’s recommended that consumers choose products which use organic ingredients since they are non-toxic and safe for use, especially in homes with children, elderly, sickly or allergy prone persons or homes with pets.

Some natural ingredients utilized in the making of these smell removal products include cedarwood, clove, lime etc.

Advantages of a kitchen odor eliminators

So, just what are the advantages of using a machine like an air purifier to get rid of the smell from your kitchen? Here’s a few of them:

  • Your meals don’t become contaminated or change the taste
  • You don’t get sickened by the odor when you are cooking
  • Having clean kitchen air offers a positive impact on the guests
  • Helps to get rid of any mildew or mold in the kitchen

 Buying the right air purifier for kitchen odors

The best air purifier is one which in addition to getting rid of cooking smells can help filter all dust, other odors and smoke in the kitchen.

First, you should know the kind of contaminants you are getting rid of. This can help you in selecting the best air purifier.

The cooking process emits molecules into the atmosphere that consist of vapor, gases and other microscopic particles.

The major cause of food related smells looks like a sticky substance, which you will find on the furniture, kitchen countertops and walls. This sticky oily residue will keep releasing a smell for a long time.

In addition, the gas stove will emit particles and combustion by-products resembling gases such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide.

To effectively get rid of all contaminants generated during cooking, you require a top-quality air purifier that will get rid of both particles and gases. Some filters make use of activated carbon to get rid of all gases and smells through absorption.

While carbon is ideal at getting rid of gases, it does not get rid of the smell’s components.

The right way of removing both the smell and gases is buying an air purifier, which comes with an effective technique of getting rid of particles at the same time removing gases.

Do you require a commercial odor eliminator?

First, consider why you need to use an odor remover such as an air purifier before buying one.

Here are a few questions to help you decide whether you need to purchase a small-scale odor eliminator or a commercial-grade one:

  • Do you regularly cook smelly meals? These types of foods include fish and anything which emits strong smells which sticks to clothes easily and which would require you to deodorize the kitchen.
  • Is your kitchen in a commercial establishment or at home? If the kitchen is in a fast-food chain or restaurant, there is a huge possibility that you will have to sanitize regularly.
  • Do you prepare lots of food items regularly? If you do cook lots of different recipes, they may become mixed up and result in nasty odors regularly.

Kinds of odor eliminators

1. Air purifier

These are the most effective odor removers for big, concentrated spaces. Air purifiers often come as plug-in gadgets that include a fan for the removal of smells.

There is a large variety of air purifiers in the market which serve different purposes. Some are suitable for small rooms and others for large and even extra-large rooms.

Most of the air purifiers have filters for allergies, pollen, smoke, dust, mold, odors and pet dander. Some also combine the air purification function with a humidifier or even a dehumidifier if they are to be used in a kitchen or basement area.

Depending on the intended use, consider issues such as portability and the noise levels of the air purifier. If you intend to use the air purifier in the bedroom or even an office, go for the quieter models.

Weigh your specific needs against the features of the various air purifiers, then compare this with your budget in order to end up with the most ideal air purifier.

The terrible smell gets taken through different processes of filtration. This is to make sure that it’s neutralized and purified before the air is sent back to your room.

Following this process, you’ll have cleaner and fresher air without the nasty odor accompanying it.

2. Spray

You can spray these odor eliminators wherever there’s s foul smell. These sprays have an acidic formula, which bonds with all chemical smells to neutralize them. It’s ideal for use in concentrated spaces and spacious areas.

You can also apply them to curtains, carpets and furniture. You’ll get this kind of odor eliminator in a small spray container, while some are available in gallon containers.

3. Gel

The other kind of odor remover is the get system that has a jelly-like, thick texture.

To use, you should pour it into an open container and place it near the source of the smell. It’s easy to use and is perfect for your kitchen since you can place it where you need it.

4. Sachet/packet

You can place these odor eliminators near the source of the nasty smell. Packet or sachet odor eliminators work by getting rid of harmful smell molecules from the air.

You can reuse some while others cannot be reused and should be gotten rid of after a certain time.

Some of the odor eliminator packets or sachets can be used for up to 24 months.