How to Safely Store Kitchen Soaps and Detergents


Kitchen soap and detergent storage basics

Indisputably, every homeowner has to store their kitchen soaps and detergents appropriately. Otherwise, they could pose a danger to their children. In this article, we will use the term detergent loosely to include kitchen soaps as well.

Think about it. Kitchen soaps and detergents contain harmful chemicals. Small children can play or even drink kitchen detergents if you store them carelessly. So, aside from making sure your detergents are in a safe place, keep them out of children’s reach.

Consequently, it is crucial to find the ideal storage for your kitchen space. It could be a cabinet or a DIY shelf. It all depends on your needs and preferences.

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Finding the perfect storage space for my kitchen soaps and detergents

Typically, it would help if you store your kitchen detergents far from your foodstuffs and kitchen appliances. I mean, these chemicals can contaminate your food or utensils.

Consider building a DIY shelf under your stairs where you can store these cleaning chemicals. As you store them here, use hooks or trays to keep them upright and prevent them from spilling. Doing this also helps you access them more quickly.

However, it would help if you kept the cabinet or shelf under the stairs locked. Remember, your children can open them out of curiosity.

Closed cabinets and shelves used for storing kitchen detergents become damp over time, especially if they are beneath the stairs.

So, make sure that this storage place receives proper ventilation from time to time. While doing this, place your kitchen detergents in a safe place where children can’t reach. Then open the cabinet doors wide open and allow air to flow inside freely.

Moreover, clean the area at least once a week. As a result, the storage space will remain clean and fresh.

If you store your kitchen detergents with other cleaning detergents, ensure you label them for easier accessibility. You definitely don’t want to use your clothing detergent on your utensils.

Additionally, before you purchase any kitchen detergents, consult the manufacturer. They would often advise buying non-toxic kitchen detergents if you take care of a sick person at home.

Also, if you have small children, they will suggest the best options that are less likely to harm your children.

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Store kitchen soaps and detergents under room temperature

The majority of detergents need to get stored in cool, dry places. So, avoid placing your detergents in extremely cold or hot conditions. Doing this can tamper with the composition of the kitchen detergent. Thus, your basement storage space might not the best place to store your kitchen detergents.

Keep kitchen soaps and detergents out of children’s reach

As seen earlier, you have to store your kitchen detergents far from your children. Otherwise, your children will get in contact with them. So, always lock the cabinets where you store all your cleaning chemicals.

Alternatively, if you are not going to lock your cabinets, consider keeping the kitchen detergents on a high shelf.

Don’t mix your kitchen detergents

When storing your kitchen detergents, keep each of them in their separate slot. Note that some chemicals do not react well when they come in contact with others. For example, ammonia and chlorine react adversely when they get in contact with each other.

Additionally, to avoid your chemicals from mixing, ensure that the lids get fixed tightly. This way, you prevent any spills that may occur.

Consider safety above everything

Safety is a minimum consideration in storage of your kitchen soaps and detergents. Even though you will store your kitchen detergents under the stairs, open the cabinet from time to time.

If you keep your cabinet locked for a long time, there could be dangerous fumes that will pose a danger to your health once you inhale them.

Also, it is crucial to take the necessary precautions when handling your kitchen detergents. Always check your manufacturer’s instructions to see how to handle the products.

So, if you need to wear gloves before touching the kitchen detergent, make sure you do so.

Storage of kitchen soap under use

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Storage of kitchen soaps which are currently being utilized will differ from storage of the extra soaps and detergents that need to be stored for later use. For soaps that are currently being used, their storage will depend on whether they are liquid or solid.

For liquid soaps, you can utilize a soap dispenser which pumps soap directly into the kitchen sponge. For solid soaps, you can use a soap dish with holes to allow the soaps to air.

As long as you place your liquid soap dispenser and soap dish on your countertop near the sink and away from food items, it will be out of reach for children and safe for everyone.

Taking care of your kitchen cleaning equipment

Aside from storing your cleaning detergents safely, ensure that you keep your kitchen cleaning equipment well. For instance, if you have a broom or mop, store it while it’s facing upwards. This enables you to prolong the lifespan of the broom.

Whenever the bristles of the broom frequently touch the floor, they tend to wear out. Storing the broom while facing upwards also allows it to dry well, air and hence avoid developing a dump smell. In turn, their efficiency and durability get reduced.

Moreover, regularly disinfect your broom. Your broom continually gets in contact with numerous microorganisms anytime you wash it. So, make it a habit to disinfect the broom. Otherwise, you would pass the microbes to the kitchen every day when you clean.

Use mild disinfectants to sanitize the broom or mop to avoid damaging the bristles. Needless to say, the same should be done for all kitchen cleaning equipment, from kitchen towels to utensil sponges.

How can I promote the longevity of my kitchen detergents?

Previous research reports that kitchen detergents do not have a long lifespan. Immediately you open them; they are likely to last for at most one year.

Of course, it depends on the type of kitchen detergent. Some of these cleaning products even last for a shorter time whenever they get mishandles.

So, is it possible to prolong the lifespan of your kitchen detergents? Well, yes. Let’s look at some of the few tips that can help make your kitchen detergents last for a more extended period.

If you have soap kitchen detergents, you can make them last longer by placing them in a suitable soap dish.

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Preferably, use a soap dish with perforations to drain water out. Having a soap dish that does not have any outlet significantly shortens the lifespan of the soap.

Store your kitchen detergents at room temperature. Ensure that all your kitchen detergents are tightly closed to avoid air from getting in the bottles or containers.

In summary

In this day and age, there are so many ways to store your kitchen detergents safely. Some of them include locking them in the cabinet and storing them at room temperature.

The best thing about keeping your detergents safely is that it prolongs the lifespan of the detergent. As a result, you save a lot of money on replacing your kitchen detergents.

Besides, keeping your kitchen detergents safely helps you boost safety in your home. But before purchasing any kitchen detergent, it would be best if you consult your manufacturer. They will advise you on the best kitchen detergent alternatives by analyzing all your kitchen needs.

Lastly, you should never store kitchen detergents that are out of date. Clear out the cabinets frequently to make sure you throw away any outdated detergents.

Also, you might find extra information like methods of disposing of the products on the label. This makes it another great reason to take care of all the original labels.

Storing the kitchen detergents effectively can make sure your spaces are cleaned using the correct detergents. This will guarantee the safety of the pets and kids in the house.