How to Use Paper Towels in your Kitchen and their Benefits

Paper towels are increasingly becoming a must have item in most homes, and especially for use within the kitchen, dining and living room. This is because they offer a convenience, ease of use and even hygiene that washable towels cannot offer.

You can use paper towels in different areas of your home and for various purposes. Some towels, for example, are used in houses, hospitals, restaurants, and even schools.

In most cases, you can use this paper towels to clean up spills. Some are provided as disposable hand towels in public restrooms.

In addition, you can use paper towels for wiping bathroom surfaces, furniture, kitchens, windows, and mirrors. They are occasionally used as table napkins or even to drain excess water from fruits and vegetables or drain extra from fried foods.

You don’t have to wash your kitchen towels as often with these smart towels. Aside from cleaning up spills, paper towels have a lot of other uses. You can also use them for storing and cooking.

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Buying Guide for the Best Paper Towels

Paper towels have become a staple of our daily lives since they are now required in offices, homes, and pretty much everywhere else. Paper towels are a precious item in our homes and kitchen today. Luckily, they are also one of those things that are easily available and affordable, and so we don’t have to stress about replenishing them.

The demand for these papers has increased, from wiping the spoils, faces, and hands to cleaning the kitchen and sanitizing the work desks!

Features and types of paper towels

These towels vary based on your requirements, so it’s essential to understand your choices before deciding. Let’s start with the several varieties of paper towels available.

Multifold vs. C-fold paper towels

Many organizations and businesses have paper towel dispensers in their bathrooms that store multifold or C-fold paper towels. In many cases, these dispensers will accept either kind of towel.

Paper towels, both multifold and C-fold, are stacked. While multifold types have a “Z” fold that lets them interlock, C-fold types do not interlock, and you can stack them on top of one another.

Kitchen roll vs. commercial paper towels

Choose commercial paper towels if you’re looking for towels to stock a commercial dispenser. On the other hand, you can use these towels in any normal paper towel holder in the office break room or kitchen.

Traditional vs. lint-free paper towels

You can find paper towels that claim to be lint-free in garages and other automobile industry locations. Windshields, mirrors, and other glass surfaces may need lint-free paper towels as they will not leave behind lint or staining. They’re usually heavy-duty and can withstand severe and lengthy use in jobs like staining or painting, even though they are disposable.

What Are the Benefits of Using Paper Towels?

While we are conscious of the ecological effect of utilizing disposable types, we continue to use these towels as our favorite solution for the time being. The reason is that they help aid in preventing the transmission of germs.

This is because a reusable cloth can turn into an extremely potent carrier of germs when they are not washed regularly and properly, when used for handling raw meat, or cooking food.

Usually, clothe towels will be kept moist, thus providing a breeding ground for germs. Paper towels are the most hygienic, cleanest, and safest alternative in this situation.

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Uses of paper towels

Keep a can opener clean

By “opening” a towel, you can clean the grease off the wheel of the can opener. All you have to do is close the wheel on a paper towel’s edge, then close and turn the opener’s handle. As the wheel cuts through the grease, the paper towel will clear it up.

Keep your cutting boards in place

The bottom of some of the cutting boards that come with a plastic material lack anti-slip grips. This causes them to move across your kitchen counter while you’re chopping. To improve traction, just put a paper towel beneath your cutting board.

Upkeep of cast iron

Cast iron pans are pricey, and they need gentle care. If you’re not hanging them up, wash them with paper towels after each use. This will help remove food and oil and store them interleaved with paper towels to prevent rust.

If you want to clean this type of pan to get rid of caked-on dish messes, dry it on the stove first. After that, you can rub it with a towel dipped in fat to maintain it in good shape.

Avoid microwave messes

When heating food in the microwave, if you fear it may splatter or pop, prevent any mess by covering the food with a paper towel.

As a coffee filter

If you do not have any filters and want coffee, a paper towel can come to your rescue by serving as an improvised filter thus ensuring you enjoy your coffee free of the grinds. Use a paper towel to line the basket of the coffee maker, and straining the grounds will be a breeze.

Protect stacked pans

Since scratches and dents can occur, most people advise against stacking pans and pots for storage. If you have to stack your pots and pans, use paper towels to act as a protective barrier between the pieces. This is particularly effective for cast-iron cookware because the paper towel absorbs surplus moisture while also protecting your pan’s seasoning.

Wiping dry your nonstick pots and pans

Paper towels also plan an important role in preservation of your nonstick pots and pans. Wipe your nonstick pots and pans with paper towels after washing and before storing them away to protect them from the damage caused by moisture.

You can also use paper towels to wipe off any oil and residue from your nonstick pots and pans in between your cooking to avoid food burning due to residue like burnt flour.

Get rid of the grease

If you enjoy creating your broths but dislike scooping the fat, take some paper towels to do the job for you. Place the paper towels in a colander and pour the soup or broth through them.

The paper towel will collect any small meat or vegetable pieces that may have remained in the soup. It will also catch a lot of the fat, which leaves you with a clear, tasty soup.

Remove wax

If your youngster drew on the walls with a crayon or you spilled wax on your carpet, you can get rid of the wax by using an iron and paper towels. Throw a few towels over the crayons or wax and run the iron over them.

To prevent ruining the item’s surface while you’re cleaning it, put the iron on the lowest heat setting.

Keep the greens crisp

While looking after your produce, put a dampened paper towel in the bag in which you keep your herbs, lettuce, and other greens. Paper towels will keep your greens fresh due to their innate ability to absorb moisture.

The towel traps moisture in the bag, allowing it to maintain a comfortable level while preventing the veggies from rotting. The greens will stay fresh and edible rather than dry out and get floppy.

Keeps the microwave clean

It’s as simple as draping a towel over your food bowl for a quick cover. You can reuse it again and again. It’s particularly useful for preventing splattering throughout the microwave’s interior by tomato-based sauces.

Maintain the freshness of frozen bread

When frozen bread thaws, it might become soggy, but putting a paper towel sheet in the bag can absorb the moisture, keeping the bread dry and tasty.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Paper Towel?

A paper towel contains cellulose because it’s made of paper. Water molecules are drawn to cellulose and attach to it. Paper towels are better water absorbers than standard paper. Why? Due to the empty spaces between the cellulose fibers in towels, which are microscopic air bubbles.

Water molecules like to stick together due to hydrogen bonding. As a result, these small air bubbles in towels are simultaneously filled with water.

The patterns on the paper towels are directly proportional to their absorbency. The dotted patterns boost its efficiency, defining a “good” paper towel.

You may have been puzzled by the multi-layering on paper towels and tissue papers. The two layers help to generate space and so increase the absorbency! The more layers a paper towel has, the better it is at absorbing spillage.

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Considerations before buying paper towels

There are plenty of manufacturers of paper towels that have come into the market to meet the high and growing demand for paper towels.

Consumers, on the other hand, are clearly unaware of the qualities they should be looking for in good paper towels to enable them to make an informed choice from the vast choices in the market. Rather than merely getting the most attractive pack, here are some things to think about before choosing paper towels:


Some towels are more expensive than others. The goal here, though, should be to look for those that do a great job. If the paper towel fails to meet your needs, go on to the next best alternative. Reusable or very absorbent paper towels are more durable.

This lets you go through rolls more slowly and save money in the long run. Furthermore, because not all rolls have similar sizes, the cost per roll for one box might differ from the cost per roll for another.

Ply Design/ Absorbency

Outside of the paper towel packaging, you can usually discover the number of layers in each towel. The most frequent ply is one or two. Because the one with two provides higher absorbency, you should always choose that one.

Sheet size

If you wish to tear the paper smoothly and comfortably, it’s essential that you choose the proper size of sheet. Your first concern should be to choose a size that will suit your needs. That is all there is to it when it comes to choosing the ‘correct’ sheet size.

Following the norm, you should be able to find 6 x 11 inch and 11 x 11 inch towels out there. There may be additional sizes available. If you are planning to purchase paper towels in bulk, you can always contact a couple of manufacturers and place a custom-sized order.

Environmentally friendly

While the use of paper products should diminish over time, some items, such as paper towels, will always be in demand.

We all know that paper is bad for the environment since some trees need to be cut down for paper towels to be made, but there are some things you may do to reduce the impact.

When it comes to paper towels, ensure you go for the environmentally friendly options. To be more specific, search for TCF paper towels (Totally Chlorine Free or bamboo made). Also, other paper towels are keen to promote the fact that they are made from recycled material and in an environmentally friendly manner.

How Do Different Fold Types Help You Save Money on Paper Towels?

This hack is only useful in places where paper towels are dispensed from a dispenser. For example, business bathrooms, hospitals, restaurants, and so on Consider the following fold types, benefits, and drawbacks as long as the paper towel is used from a dispenser.


These paper towels, also known as M-Fold or multi-fold paper towels, feature an additional fold in the center that generates the Z-shape. For two reasons, Z-Fold types are particularly cost-effective. They often come out one at a time and open up easily to ensure you do not end up removing multiple towels that you may not need.


Two tabs of a C-Fold paper towel are folded in on each other and stacked on top of each other, with the middle of each towel facing down.


Fold the Inter-fold paper towel in half. It’s also a cost-effective option for the same reasons Z-fold paper towels are.

Your money is not wasted by reckless people who pull out numerous paper towels in one shot when only one is pulled out in a single take.

Aside from that, there are fewer chances of towels dropping on the floor, making them environment safer. Wet paper towels might fall to the ground and become mushy, posing a slipping hazard.

Likewise, after opening a towel, it will be ready to use. On the other hand, when a towel is not opened, people are more likely to grab another one to meet their needs rather than go the extra mile to open it.

How to Use Paper Towels in Ingenious Ways

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Do you think paper towels are only used to dry your hands or clean up spills? Rethink your position! Incorporate these creative uses for paper towels into your office or home.

  • Use a rubber band to secure a paper towel to oil bottles to catch drips.
  • To open doors without touching the knob, use paper towels. This is especially useful in public toilets to prevent spread of germs after washing your hands.
  • To reuse your sandwich bags, wrap the sandwich in a paper towel. The paper towels make the bags reusable by keeping oil and sauce remnants from the bags. You end up saving water and the environment since the bag can be reused instead of being disposed after every single use.
  • Keep the bottom of your keyboard or laptop clean and stable by placing a paper towel underneath it.
  • At work, paper towels are ideal for swiftly wiping down the desk. This is especially useful where clothe towels are not available or if they are, you cannot be assured of their hygiene as they are used by multiple people.
  • If you want to gently disperse the fresh scent from your air freshener of choice, spray air freshener on a paper towel and attach it to an office vent.
  • To keep a chopping board from slipping, and especially with the plastic boards that have little or no grip, place a damp paper towel underneath it to give the board some grip.
  • To steam cook food in the microwave, wrap it in damp paper towels.

Conclusion on paper towels

When purchasing these towels, choose the thickest ones because they absorb spills better. You should also get them from a reliable retailer that sells top-quality products.

While the thick paper towels may be more costly than their thinner counterparts, they will save you money and time in the long run as they are more efficient. With paper towels, cheap may end up being very costly at the end.