What to Consider in a Water Filtration Pitcher

A basic human right is to have access to safe drinking water. There is a good chance that the water that comes out of your faucet is safe to drink, but it might not be of the highest quality or flavor. A water filter pitcher is a cheaper way to get water for your home than buying bottled water.

There are numerous water filter pitchers available on the market. Unlike a water filter, a pitcher requires no installation and only a small amount of maintenance. Even though most water filtration pitchers look the same on the outside, the insides can differ significantly between brands.

What Is the Process of Filtration in a Pitcher?

It’s a good idea to learn how a water pitcher works before making a purchase. Fortunately, this water filtration system’s design concept is relatively basic.

The reservoir will supply water to the top. Then, it will be filtered by the charcoal-filled cartridge you can replace. The water will then drain into the pitcher below.

Because of its large area, the filter acts as a sponge to remove pollutants. Impurities cannot flow through it when using tap water. The purified tap water remains in the pitcher while the filter traps the contaminants.

These pitchers have the added benefit of keeping them cool by placing them in the refrigerator. You’ll always have access to ice-cold, filtered water this way.

Benefits of investing in a water filter pitcher

Even if you’ve never heard of water filtration, you’re likely familiar with the water filter pitcher’s ins and outs. Most people have a water filter pitcher in their kitchen, the most prevalent home water filtration device.

There is an excellent reason for this, especially when you consider their many benefits. Also, they can quickly transform unpleasant-smelling and tasting tap water into good and tasty water.

Inspires You to Drink More

One of the main reasons people convert to flavored drinks is because water has a flat or dull taste. On the other hand, those drinks are not suitable for you. People who don’t care for their bodies become more susceptible to illness.

There is no need to buy bottled water when you can use a water filter pitcher. It will help keep you hydrated without worrying about pollutants in your tap water.

The pitcher not only looks great, but it’s also lightweight and portable. As a result, you must drink plenty of water daily.

Large capacity

Another advantage is the capacity to prefilter large volumes of water. This effectively creates a supply of water that you can use whenever you need it. Some of the largest water pitchers on the market can hold enough water for up to 18 people’s servings.

There is no need for installation and very little upkeep

You don’t have to install anything when you use a water pitcher. In the case of apartments and condos, this filtering system is ideal. A simple click or twist of the filter into place completes the process.

As you may know, under-counter filters require frequent maintenance and are susceptible to leakage. Pitchers are a better choice because they need little to no upkeep, which makes them easier to use.

You can easily replace your filters when they need changing at eye level, not under the sink.

Effective Water Filtration

Using a water filter pitcher can improve the quality of the water you receive from your neighborhood’s water main. A water filter pitcher can remove most impurities from your drinking water. This will make the water much more pleasant to drink.

Zinc, magnesium, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide are examples of pollutants that can have harmful consequences at higher dosages while not being dangerous in small doses.

Get rid of these heavy metals and toxins from your digestive system, and you’ll feel better and be more healthy as a result of this process.


A water filter with a lower capacity, such as one liter or less, is preferable if you want a personal pitcher that you can take on excursions or work with you. But if you have a large family, a pitcher of 8-10 liters is a sensible choice.

Two-four filters are commonly seen in a pitcher. Heavy metals, chemicals, and other smell-and-taste-harming pollutants are also targets of these filters. You can use other filters to get rid of calcium and magnesium from the water.

Outstanding portability

Water filter pitchers come in various sizes, making them easy for you to fit into your fridge. Because of the pitcher’s portability, you can take it on the road and drink clean water.

Camping and other outdoor activities become easier with the pitcher’s portability. It is less expensive than purchasing a large number of plastic water bottles. These pitchers allow you to carry a healthy supply of water with you wherever you go.

Low cost of purchase

This type of water filtration is appealing to many households. This is because of the low cost of entry—frequently the same or much less expensive than other ways.

You should expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $60 for a quality model. It will last you a lifetime, depending on the brand you choose. Additional options include taking advantage of routinely run package offers that include 2 to 3 filters with the pitcher, which should last up to 9 months.


A jug that merely needs to be filled with tap water and its filter changed every few months is the epitome of simplicity. This is why so many people choose this route instead of purchasing bottled water or installing a whole-house water filter.

You may just swap out your old filter cartridge for a new one once it filters a particular amount of water.

Makes Food Tastier

Drinking water tastes better when you remove impurities, and cooking is improved as a result. Your food’s natural flavors are preserved when you use a water filter pitcher when preparing food.

The water’s elements will influence your food’s nutrients, minerals, and tastes. Unfiltered water doesn’t get rid of the compounds that make it taste bad, so they’ll pick up the flavors of what you’re eating.

To keep and improve the natural flavors, think about using filtered water instead of boiling it.

What to Look for in a Water Filtration Pitcher

What to Consider in a Water Filtration Pitcher

Water filtration filters that work well for one person may be inadequate for another. Despite their importance, the little things can greatly impact your selection.

Filter speed

While a pitcher with a visibly filtered water filter may impressively purify water, the filtered water is delivered slowly. There are times when this can be annoying. Make sure you check out the water pitcher filter’s filtration speed before you buy it. Pitchers with a single filter are most commonly blamed for this flaw. As a result, you might want to investigate devices with 2 filters.


Consider the water pitcher’s capacity for storage and transportation. The larger the unit, the more refrigerator and counter space it will require. If you have a limited number of people in the house, get a medium-sized model so you don’t have to refill it more frequently. Consider how much room you have and whether or not you can easily pour away water when the container is full.

What’s the number of people you offer filtered water to? It depends on the number of individuals you’re serving. If you want to treat a certain amount of water at a time, you can use this number. A 10-cup pitcher would be your best option if you have a large family. You can get more water at once to avoid the time-consuming batch treatment.

Material for a pitcher

The objective of filtration is to ensure that you are not drinking unclean water. So, the water filter pitcher’s material must be safe and certified by the appropriate authorities. Most of the time, pitchers feature plastic material; however, only safe materials are ideal for use. It would be best to look for models that say BPA-free so that no plastic gets absorbed into the water. You can also find glass pitchers on the market. These will help keep your water clean after filtration. They will also set you back a little more than other options.


You only need to choose a unit that can accommodate the number of available individuals. If you live in a small residence, you don’t need a water cooler with an 18-cup capacity. Small-to-medium-sized environments can benefit from water filtration models with an 8-cup capacity. Before purchasing a specific flow rate pitcher, consider how often people use the water.

The quality and design of the pitcher

Use only BPA-free, food-grade metal or plastic pitchers. Ensure that the pitcher is well-built. Cleaning and maintaining a well-made pitcher will be a breeze. Look for units with well-made lids, pouring spouts that fit well, and simple handles.

Filter life

To maintain the quality of water you’re accustomed to; you’ll need to change your filters. In addition, you do not want to spend a lot of money on new filters all the time. The manufacturer will almost always specify when you should replace a filter. If you can use the filter for at least two months at a time, it’s a good one. Purchasing the filters in bulk will save you money over purchasing them individually.


Water filter pitcher warranties aren’t as common as they used to be, but they’re still available from some manufacturers. Even though the warranties aren’t very long, they’re useful when testing a new product. Depending on your current needs, you can choose between manufacturers offering a lifetime warranty and those offering a money-back guarantee.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

Operating, cleaning, and maintaining a water filter pitcher that is not long-lasting will be tough. As such, when purchasing, make sure to select a model that is well-built and that all of its pieces fit snugly together. It will help to protect against leakage. A model with an auto-lid is preferable to a manual lid.

To get the best benefits, clean your unit on a weekly basis to keep germs and algae at bay. If you let this continue, the bacteria and algae will produce new pollutants. The pitcher should be simple and free of intricacy. This will speed up the process of cleaning.

Built-in dispenser

Because of this function, you can simply pour water from large models with built-in dispensers into water bottles, glasses, or other containers. The shape of these units is usually rectangular. It’s inconvenient to pour from a handle, so they have a tap at the base that dispenses the filtered water. ‘

Though great for parties or big families, pitchers with incorporated dispensers can take up more room and are susceptible to leaks.


What you eat and drink affects your overall health. As a result, you must ensure that the water you drink is free of pollutants and chemicals. It’s a good thing that water filtration pitchers exist! Their price, portability, and size are all factors to consider when purchasing a pitcher.

As a result, you have a variety of options from which to choose. It’s also good to know that your family members aren’t at risk of disease.

Water filter pitchers have exploded in popularity and are now the most widely used method of purifying municipal tap water. If your household doesn’t need a lot of water or is small (less than four people), use one of these great devices.