How to Wash and Maintain Oven Gloves/Mitts

As a homeowner, it is easy to ignore simple cooking equipment like oven gloves. Oven gloves play a huge role in making sure your food is delicious and ready to eat. Not to mention, oven mitts protect your hands from any burns you can get while removing food from the oven. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they also help you pull out food from an extra-hot oven. They incorporate protective material that is highly resistant to heat. Therefore, homeowners should not overlook these protective gears. Instead, they should take good care of their oven gloves and keep them clean. Oven gloves tend to get dirty quickly. So, it is essential to know how to wash oven gloves.

Due to their delicate nature, cleaning oven mitts in a washing machine can be hard. Besides, think about all the stains likely to be present in oven mitts. They cannot possibly get removed with a washing machine. Even so, it depends on the type of oven glove. Some oven mitts can withstand the high pressure of the washing machine. However, to be safe, you can clean your oven gloves manually as you gently scrub off the stains with the appropriate equipment. In some instances, oven mitts get tattered and torn by the pressure of a washing machine.

Washing oven glove/mitts

How to Wash and Maintain Oven Gloves/Mitts

Home experts recommend a standard way of washing oven mitts. So, if you plan on washing your oven gloves, follow the procedure below.

Step one:

Before you start washing your oven gloves, check the washing instructions on the glove. This way, you can identify the dos and don’ts of the oven mitt. Some oven gloves may require a hand wash only. On the flip side, other oven gloves can be washed using a washing machine. Often, all this information is on the label of the oven mitt. Check all over the oven glove to find the label. It is usually visible and does not take long to find.

Nonetheless, note that some oven gloves do not have labels. In such cases, washing your oven mitt by hand would be best. Don’t risk damaging your oven glove by placing it in a washing machine.

Step two:

Mix warm water with soap in a medium-sized bucket once you identify the correct procedure for washing your oven glove. Often, a non-abrasive cloth detergent will work perfectly fine. After having the water in the bucket, stir it to make sure it mixes well with the detergent.

Step three:

The next step would be to place a soft white cloth in the warm water and detergent mixture. Let it drench water. Then, squeeze it to remove all the excess water on the cloth. During this process, avoid using any other cloth that is not white. Consequently, you prevent any accidental transfers of colors to your oven mitt. White is a safe color to use.

Step four:

After squeezing out the excess water on the white cleaning cloth, gently tap it on the oven glove. Do this with enough pressure to remove any dirt on the oven mitt. Concentrate on all the hidden areas of the oven mitt, like beneath decorations and embroideries. Dirt can settle for a long time if you are not careful. Rinse these areas using another clean wet cloth soaked in plain water. Then allow the oven glove to dry for approximately 45 minutes.

Step five:

After cleaning the entire oven mitt’s hidden areas, remove the warm water with detergent. Use the same container, bowl, or small-sized bucket to fill in another warm water and detergent mixture. In case you are wondering, warm water effectively breaks down dirt particles on the glove compared to cold water.

Step six:

Then, dip your oven glove in the solution in the bowl. Ensure that the oven glove gets soaked in the water completely. Consider using the white towel cloth to press t beneath the water. Allow the oven glove to stay in the solution for at least 30 minutes. During this process, food and dirt particles get broken down. Thus, it makes it easy to rub off stains and dirt from the mitt.

Step seven:

After 45 minutes, gently lift the oven glove from the water and squeeze the excess water off. Do this with keenness to ensure you don’t destroy the oven glove. Also, ensure that all the decorative elements in the oven mitt are in good condition.

Step eight:

Please get rid of all the soap in the oven mitt by placing it beneath running water. Do this carefully and repeatedly until the oven glove is free from detergent. Note that leaving soap components on your oven glove can make the mitt slip out of your hand. In turn, this can pose a danger to your health.

Step nine:

Put the oven mitt at room temperature for drying. Hang it using gentle pegs in your laundry room and leave it to dry for one to two hours. Ensure that there is maximum aeration where you place your oven glove. Don’t remove the oven glove from the drying area until you check whether the glove’s fingers are completely dry.

Machine washing your oven mitt

If your oven glove can withstand the washing machine’s pressure, place it in the machine. Ensure you don’t mix the oven glove with other clothing. Adjust your settings to low pressure to avoid damaging your oven mitt. Use the most suitable detergents during this process. Once you finish machine washing your oven mitt, hang it in your laundry room to dry.


You must wash and maintain kitchen oven gloves or mitts to boost longevity. Since oven gloves are delicate, most only require hand washing procedures. So, use the right cleaning detergents to clean oven gloves. If your oven gloves can tolerate the pressure of a washing machine, that’s good. All you have to do is set the washing machine at low pressure.