How to Store Cookware in your Kitchen


The challenges of storing cookware

More often than not, cookware takes up a lot of kitchen space. Consequently, it can be challenging for homeowners to find the best storage space for their cookware.

Unlike other home equipment, cookware can be heavy and large. So, it would help if you incorporated a bit of creativity when looking for the best storage space for your cookware.

While doing this, always keep in mind you are trying to save on kitchen space. Moreover, the storage space should keep your cookware orderly and in good shape.

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In this article, we discuss some of the ways you can store cookware in your kitchen.

Hang cookware on the wall

One of the ways you can store your cookware is by hanging them. This way, you can avoid stacking up your cabinets and kitchen drawers with cookware.

Find a suitable space; it could be a few centimeters above the counter or drawers. Then, put in place strong hooks that can hold the cookware safely.

Alternatively, you can purchase a cookware organizer and hang it on the wall.

Make use of your kitchen island

Suppose you don’t like the idea of hanging your cookware on the wall; consider hanging cookware under the kitchen island.

Although you might interfere with the lounging area on the kitchen island, you’ll be able to access your cookware quite easily compared to if you kept them away in a cupboard.

Storing cookware under the island also gives the kitchen a neater and less cluttered look as they are hidden away from plain sight.

All you have to do is fix several robust hooks beneath the kitchen island counter. Once you do this, you can hang the cookware.

Use magnetic knife strips

When it comes to storing your kitchen knives, you can save on space by buying a magnetic knife strip. Magnetic knife strips help you keep your kitchen knives safely and boost their durability.

You can always attach your magnetic knife strip to the wall above the counter space or any other suitable space in your kitchen.

Luckily, you can get this kitchen equipment in almost every store or supermarket.

Incorporate a DIY wooden kitchen rack

Rather than hanging your cookware on the wall, you can build a hanging rack and attach it to your kitchen ceiling.

Ensure the cookware rack is strong enough to hold the cookware. You definitely don’t want your cookware falling to the floor.

Use open cabinet shelves

Another way you can store your cookware is by using open shelves. Open cabinet shelves are not a bad idea as most people think.

So, if you don’t mind having them in your kitchen, build three or more shelves where you can store your cookware.

Even so, before making open shelves, ensure they complement your kitchen’s decor.

Use hooks to hang cookware on your kitchen shelves and cupboards

Instead of placing your cookware in the cupboard, consider hanging them inside. Doing this will help you save on a lot of shelf or cupboard space.

So, install hooks inside your kitchen shelves and hang your cookware. Of course, this depends on the size of the shelves or cupboards.

If you have smaller closets, it won’t be realistic to hang your cookware inside.

The main advantage of hanging your cookware on the shelf is that you will have an easy time reaching them.

Place cookware on divided deep drawers

If you have deep drawers, this might be the perfect spot to store your cookware. When using deep drawers, align your cookware in such a way they remain accessible.

If you have a lot of cookware, you can divide your deep drawers into sections. This way, each cookware will be in its slot.

Also, separating your deep drawers protects your cookware from damage. To protect your cookware, consider using protectors between your stacked pots and pans.

Hang cookware on the corner of your cabinets

When you have very large cookware, consider the cabinet corner space. In most instances, the cabinet corner space cannot fit a lot of things.

Check whether your cookware can fit here. This would actually be a great way to save on your kitchen storage space.

Additionally, you can buy a cabinet cookware organizer to help keep your cookware in good condition.

Fix a pantry pegboard on your kitchen walls

Another method of storing your cookware is by installing a pantry pegboard. Most pantry pegboards are firmly attached to the kitchen wall and provide the ideal place to hang your cookware.

Some of the cookware you can hang on this board includes pots and pans. Pegboards can get customized to complement your kitchen space.

Thus, they not only help you save storage space but also promote your kitchen’s aesthetics.

Hang cookware on your kitchen towel bars

Make good use of your kitchen towel rods. Often, most homeowners have unused space on their kitchen towel bars.

So, you can always hang your cookware on this bar using S-hooks. Hanging your cookware on the towel bars enable you to reach them without difficulty.

Thus, it would be best if you hang your most-used cookware on such spots. Using your kitchen towel rods unquestionably helps you save on cabinet and counter space.

Besides, it helps keep your kitchen neat and organized.

Lid rack

You can install lid racks on the interior of the cabinets you plan to use. Forget about digging through to get what you want.

The cookware lids will be stored in an orderly manner and easy to reach when you want to use them.

Explore other possible kitchen storage areas

If you have a limited kitchen space, consider installing hooks anywhere around the kitchen. This could be under your kitchen counters or on the kitchen sidewalls.

Doing this helps you save on space. Also, it rarely interferes with your kitchen aesthetics.

Hanging your cookware on any visible space in your kitchen also allows you to access the cookware quickly.

Mount cookware organizers on your kitchen walls

Using a wall-mounted organized is a good way of storing your cookware. Most wall-mounted organizers have separate sections for storing different cookware.

Thus, they keep your cookware safe, reachable and helps you save on kitchen space. All you have to do is buy one and fix it to the kitchen wall.

Wall-mounted organizers are also perfect for storing cookware lids.

Cookware storage in summary

There is a broad spectrum of ways you can store your cookware. When storing your cookware, always try to save on your kitchen space.

So, instead of placing your cookware on kitchen counters, try utilizing your kitchen walls and towel rods.

The end goal is always to find a safe space for your cookware without wasting a lot of kitchen space.

From this article, it is clear to see some of the innovative ways of storing your cookware. Thus, you need not worry if you have limited kitchen space.

Your kitchen can still look neat and organized. You just have to implement the right ways of storing your cookware and get creative ways of storing your cookware.